The Grass IS Greener! thanks to Gardener's Dream, an environmentally beneficial fertilizer from the shores of Canada's Prince Edward Island. Our original Liquid Fish Fertilizer is enriched with Kelp Extract, to give you healthier plants and higher yields. It's approved for use by the P.E.I. Organic Crop Improvement Association.
The unique composition of Gardener's Dream adds organic matter to your soil, improving tilth, stimulating helpful soil microorganisms, and providing needed minerals in forms plants can easily and quickly absorb. Consistent usage increases the benefits.
Balanced trace minerals help your plants resist pests, disease, drought and other stresses. This allows your plants to efficiently use the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium already present in your soil.

By purchasing and using this product, you are helping strengthen and diversify agriculture, reduce fishery waste, improve soil resources and protect the quality of our inland waterways and estuaries.

Gardener's Dream Fish Fertilizer is packaged for retail in 250 ml, 500 ml, liter, 4.5 liter, and 20 liter quantities. Commercial farm quantities also available. Contact us today by email or toll free telephone for usage guidelines and wholesale/retail pricing.

Usage information factsheets for your specific application!

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