All the things she ...said?

Quotes: "say no to crack! That crack, over ...THERE..." ~PiXel [ Ask Hollywood and PiXel about that one. It's a fun story, I promise. ]

"and I thought i grabbed the wrong Russian!!" ~Councelor Forestsong

"a truddy! you're pimpin!" ~Councelor Spiffy

"and i was like, why am I in Michigan?!?!" (the U.P.) ~Councelor Canadia

"look it's a pretty 'mole'...." ~Councelor Canadia (about her tattoo)

"don't face down in the water or i might JUMP YOU!" ~Councelor Forestsong

*sighs* ~Jello

"OGCB = Over Grown Country Boys!" ~Councelor Forestsong

"so, how's it going stoner?" ~Councelor Cheeks

"STOP THE WAR!!!!" ~Leppers [Yeah, that's us.]

"if you can't do THIS then how can you do THAT!!" ~Jello

"You sound like Scooby Doo!" ~PocketS

"I get going when I'm on my back." ~Jello

"I could touch myself...." ~Councelor Forestsong

"NO, see I bet all my friends want this rack..." (to herself) ~Councelor Forestsong

"Forestsong, you slut!!" ~Councelor Cheeks

"What the fuck you douchebag!?!!?" ~GIJane

"Danger Danger!!" (with flashy hands) ~Councelor Forestsong

"Little red caboose chug chug chug way-ooo way-ooo way-ooo way-ooo reeeeejoice!!" ~PIxel and PocketS

"I think she's on acid" ~Pixel

"Do you have ALL of your clothes on??" ~Random (to a ShortStuff)

"It tastes like rubber! i like Rubber!" :) ~Councelor Beee

"Where are your pants sir? Pants sir? Pants." ~Pixel and POckets

"you guys are so CIA" ~Councelor Flame

"AND THE OLD MAN WENT, WHOAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" ~Leppers [Us. We're CITs AND Leppers. It's a whole big family!]

"....and he's gunna tell, SANTA!!" ~Councelor Forestsong

"he got off!! he got off!!" ~Councelor Forestsong (with hand motions)

"yup. They're in Illinois." ~Fearless Leader Tigger

"4:20 FUN TIME!!!!!!!" ~CITs [Us!]

*4:20 fun time stoner face* ~Councelor Forestsong

"The answer to every question is YES!" ~CITs [ That's us.]

"AWWWW I want itt....." ~Drop

"NO fondeling eachother!!!" ~Councelor Forestsong

"How's it going, crackhead??" ~Dropey and Pockey

"True. True fact. True fact of life." ~Drop

"We don't have those kind of doctors here." ~Councelor Red

"...because nipples are outlawed" ~Councelor Red

"...and you actaully give a fuck about people!" ~Councelor Red

"oh, sure go ahead..." ~Councelor Forestsong (About mud fight, just too exciting to leave out)


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