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A wedding of Legends

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Once upon a time there was a beautiful maiden named Sarah.
She came across a forest child named Eddie while walking
one day by herself. The two met and were stunned by
each other. So different they were yet they wanted the
same things: love, innocence, compassion and even more
importantly, each other. Their love was forbidden,
they came from different worlds. Hers of hedonism,
and riches. His of hardship, and nature. Sarah
wanted nothing more then to be with him. Then a dark curse
came over their lives. They were parted from each other.
Eddie scaled across distance and time and evils of
unimaginable nature to find his love again. When Sarah
was found by him she was under a terrible spell.
One not easily broken, only by him proving undying love.
And he did. Eddie proposed marriage to Sarah on May 18th, 2000.

This is our online wedding planner. This will help us
(and you) with making sure our wedding goes smoothly.
I suppose you are curious as to what theme we have
chosen for our wedding. Well it isn't a simple
one but one that Eddie and I fell in love with. It
is based on the movie Legend with Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, and Tim Curry.

I, Sarah will be dressed in Lily's gown made by Yosa. You can find
the dress design at
I am wearing the ivory coloured one.

Eddie will be wearing the armour that Jack wears.
I do not have a picture of it yet since we need to finish making it.

The wedding party will be dressed in costume based on characters from
the movie. EG, the ring bearers (Sarah's children)
will be the dwarves. The flower girl will be Oona. So forth and so on.

The wedding will be held at a private wooded spot up in the mountains of Colorado,
On October 31, 2001. We still have yet to find a place,
we are looking for the perfect spot looking almost identical to the set of Legend.

The reception will be held at a local hall (unknown as of yet) and
the theme there will be the Dark Lord's (or devil's whichever you prefer) Chambers. The main
table will be set up like that of the Dark Lord's and
the attendants tables will be similar with black fruit and touches of
the like, only not as elaborate as the main table.
All the decorations of the room will be almost identical
to the movie set. Such as, mirrors, jewels, treasure
chests and gargoyles. Hopefully the reception hall we choose has a
fire place so we can replicate the fire.

Also after the ceremony as the Bride and Groom
are taken to the reception hall by carriage the
horses will have horns upon their heads pointing straight
to heaven. Making them look like the creature to the left of the screen.
Not only is the theme unique but, also this isn't a typical
Christian wedding it is a Wiccan Handfasting.
It is a very old and traditional ceremony.
This is our second one. If you want to know why it
is a second wedding look up Handfasting on
a search engine and it will send you to some sites
that will give you more in depth detail on what it is
and why wiccans have 2 of them.

Please feel free to use any of our ideas. We will have a budget section
to help us keep track of costs. Sarah is a vintage
hunter and can find great deals on most anything.
Oh and I also make most of the decorations myself.
If you do by chance use some of our ideas and they turn out,
Please send us an email and let us know how it turned out.
If you have a picture that would be great too. We will
post your responces and pictures on our site and link it back to yours.

Click on the link that you wish to go to.
Our glen is beautiful and frangrant with willows
and flowers. Enjoy it please. Blessed Be!


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