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Thank you for visiting "IT WAS IN MY EMAIL "

This website was created in honor of Slava, the man who started the whole "it was in my email".

This site basically contains inane Shite, But is here to make you piss yourself.

The number one excuse to use for The following situations,

(say with Russian Accent)

1. Your Wife / Girlfriend / Other catches you looking at porn when you are suppose to be creating some shite on the computer, you reply "It was in my email"

2. You are caught by the cops after stealing a $200,000 Ferrari, They ask you where you got the car, you reply "it was in my email"

Comming soon to ITWASINMYEMAIL.cjb.net


Trout, trout is good fish, yes very good fish, you salt the fish, salt for 30mins!