All about me go2 about me

2DArtfart**** go2 2DArtfart

In here u will find out about my dark
and sordid past. Just what makes me tick.
What keeps me awake at night. My likes
disslikes, addictions and lots of hype
about how I'm such a fine fellow etc.
In here u will find photo's, drawings
and general groovy 2D work.
Click on the thumbnails 4 greater resolution.

3dArtfart### go2 3DArtfart

Atmosphere## go2 Atmosphere

In here u will find 3d models made
from Poser, 3D Studio Max, amd other
3Dapps.naturaly in photo form 4 web,
I can send workable forms on CD.
People, props, landscapes, cartoon
characters etc.
Welcome 2 my cyberworld Mass. Visit
fascinating worlds, chat in realtime, make
virtual buddies. This is the future of interactive
communication. In here u will find links to all
the resources u will need 2 browse
cyberspace. Hot! Hot! Hot!

Films Cartoons Effects etc. ###### go2 Films Cartoons Effects etc

In here u will find a mixture of mediums, quite big files although they r paired to the bone
The one thing they have in common is that they r all animated. I've left as much as possible
usable but again, better resolution = bigger files = e-mail me 4 a CD :-)
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