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The Long Voyage

Slavery to Scams


The early years saw jon_e27 excell in many fields, (mainly the ones in the asteroid's agro.pods.) A brilliant scholastic record led to entering the University of Life, opening the humongusly successful fashion house "The Bulesque Boutique." It is hard to pinpoint which tutors nurtured the precious talent of jon_e27 but views are noted in school reports.

Mdm. V-ra Apokalips ... Headmistress ... Offworld Infants School.
"jon_e27 was a delightful droidling. I found him maternaly overwhelming and rewarded his diligent work by frequently clasping him long and hard to one of my many ample busoms "

Roger D. Kabinboy ... Gamesmaster ... Delta Quad Juniors.
"Bending over and touching toes, thats what makes these droidlings sweat. I did a lot of bending and touching with jon_e27 it left a lasting impression on him."

Lola-Mazzola Labombas ... Arts tutor ... Asteroid Senior High.
"The first time Ia see jon_e27 graphic pen Ia swooon. He maka me dis offer I cana nota refuse. He painta me ina nude, but he keepa his socks on to holda his brushes in."

Pedro Fabricatores ... 3D Dept. ... Asteroid Senior High.
"Si Si, jone_e27 show great flair and immagination makeen a mask seere for hees finnalay. Dey were successfuly used for de beeg schoolfund heist. Unfortunately dee moneys were never recovered?"

The Hon.Peregrin Cook-Auld ... Dean ... Oxbridge Galactic Uni.
"I can only admire and praise the dedication shown by jon_e27 in achieving a 1st Hons. Long into the night he toiled aided by my good lady wife, who saw it as her duty to deliver extra tuition. Many were the times I would flinch at the groans and howls eminating from the study, my heart went out to them on their painful path of learning. I remember the agonising delay in receiving the finals results, caused by the break in at the Adjudicators Offices (probably vandals but not proved). Throughout all this, he displayed the steely resolve of a winner."