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Slavery to Scams


Silent in space it is; endless the stars are, litter the cosmos they do and unbroken their bond is. Witness they do countless stories and they themselves are with history. Strong was the force in jon_e27, long did he endure the mind numbing boredom of the space asteroid "SS Provincial Town".3d max space shot Wise his decision to study Economic Migrancy as 1st choice career. Swiftly away, carry him his feet did , first chance he got. No mean feat hitchiking round the galaxy was, no handy guide to ease the path, fortunate is the man Arthur Dent !

Varied his financial reapings were, some harvests bigger than others, meager fare made good with, sometime banquets of lavishness. Laughter and melody his best friends were, sage travellers on life's path. Joyfull unions abounded, rewarded with offspring was his prize. Keen his observation, many years it is to become Jedi Master Art Droid, rivers of colour through his canopy wash. I quote J.Ceasar "I came, I saw, I draw" Pertinent to jon_e27 these words are. Powerful his graphix pen is and boldly shines his tablet, destiny has chosen well its child. Taken from....."The Chronicals Of Yoda".....