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Adobe Atmosphere is a virtual browsing experience. Inside Atmosphere you have a limitless number of worlds to visit, a rich seam of imaginations. You will chat with others, wear 'avatars' move and interact with objects. Many Worlds are interlinked via 'portals' and many have webpage links to visit. So go on enter the future.

The easy way of browsing Atmosphere is via the plug in, it allows you to view worlds from html. pages. It has the advantage of being a smaller download of ~ 1mg. Click on the download plug in icon below; when the download box appears make sure you select "open file", the plug in browser will install automatically. When installation is complete click on the line below to go to Mass2.

Get the atmosphere plug in here Get Atmosphere plug in

Click me to go to Mass2 via the Plug in

On entering Mass2 wait for the 'how to move' instructions to appear, that way the majority of the world will have downloaded and browsing will flow seamlessly. As you move through Mass2 instructions on how to use the features are located close to the action described. NB:- (Slow conection) On entering Mass2 if the "move" instructions or the "vip" message do not appear on screen , goto View+Refresh.

"Chat" is one of Atmospheres' most important features, The chat strings show beneath the browser window, and are fairly speedy. The chat input bar is located as the bottom box, just click on it to activate and type away :-) NB:- Only one window can be active at any one time, to move after chat you must re-select the browser.

The icon bar gives you the freedom to personalize your browsing experience. Inside Atmosphere you are perceived as an "Avatar", this form is changeable and avatars can be swapped via the avatar window. Similarly all newcommers take on the name of 'Tester', TO BE RECOGNISED you must go to 'Preferences' and change your name in the 'nik name' box.

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