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  10. Ed notes:- Do we love 'em? Do we hate 'em? His Royal Laziness Prince Milky expounds and pontificates to his adoring subjects.

    The Royals – Right Royal Farce or There by Royal right? The question I would like to pose to the nation is, are the Royal family needed in modern day society, and if so in what respective positions? Has anyone noticed the fact that it is nigh on impossible to open one of the daily tabloids without seeing either one of the Princes performing some sort of manoeuvres at Sandhurst, or their father and Camilla Parker-Bowles on a glorified ‘vacation’ in distant climates. These occurrences are always extremely well documented with an abundance of pictures and column inches by the paparazzi. For example, the Daily Mail on Wednesday 12th April 2006, devoted ¾ of Page 3 to a piece on Prince Harry’s recent exploits on manoeuvres in Cyprus and the effect that it must have had on his current girlfriend Chelsy Davy. As informative and detailed as this piece of journalism was, Is it satisfactory that this story had taken a president over such worrisome events as a pensioner being defrauded out of her life savings totalling more than £280,000 which was sidelined to the middle pages of the newspaper? Being a complete Royalist myself, I may appear to be somewhat hypocritical in such rantings. This I do not wish to appear, it is just that I feel with great sincerity that a newspapers foremost function is to present to the country a version of events that affect the general public, as to which they can relate and if possible learn from as not to let a particular occurrence happen to themselves, this I feel should be foremost on an editors agenda, and then to report on slightly less critical subjects. On the subject of the Royals, I myself think that we should see more of them on a regular basis, not just finding out what events they have recently opened but on a more personal level. I feel that this would be beneficial to the general consensus, as they would feel that they had a more personal relationship with the Royal family and also feel happier about their taxes being spent in that direction. It is public knowledge that the general public feels that they simply must watch the Queens speech on Christmas Day, but ask anyone why and all you will encounter is that it is just done, an institution, something that must be done whether one wants to or not. This I feel is a considerable shame, more programmes need to be on the television, like those this Easter that have described the Queens life in a greater more personal level. This I feel brings us all closer to the royals, learning that they are real people, simply born into different lives. . ©HRL Prince Milky