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Huari Yauya Trail Peru

Huari Yauya Trail Peru


One of the most scenic parts of the Royal Inca Trail in Peru is the Huari Yauya trail.


Huari - Yauya Trail
Ancash - Peru

A combination of the mid-jungle vegetation of the Conchucos Valley and the high Andean floor. Traversing this road that has great evidence of the trail, where once the Inca passed by. The starting point of the trail is Huari. Old tambos rests are seen on the way as Huaritambo, stairways of Ichicancha, the Pallaguachananga Pass an excellent lookout of the East side of the Cordillera Blanca that makes it worth your effort. Dropping down to Yauya, a town in a hillside. From Yauya, you can take a mini-bus or a bus, that goes through San Luis, Chacas, Punta Olimpica Pass, Ulta Valley, Carhuas and arriving to Huaraz.




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