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January 27, 2001
Well we finally got together for another QRP breakfast and show  and tell.  The meeting was at 0800 at the Courthouse restaurant in Gloucester.  Attending were N1LO-Mark, N4XND-Tim, K4AEN-Tom, KB4DPF-Todd and WA4CHQ-Neil.

Boy, did the projects flow.  We had a mixture of old and new, kits and homebrew.  It was great to see all the goodies.  There were a couple of NN1G designs- one for 40m cw and one for 20m ssb (with an afterburner), there was something from the famous "Hot Water" series, a paddle from the folks from the NorCal group, an interface for the digital modes and something to keep the batteries topped up.

Everyone had a great time and we were sorry the rest of the guys couldn't be there with us.  We don't really know when the next gathering will be, but I know from the parting comments, we all are looking forward to it.  Thanks for the bringing your camera, Todd.

Keep the solder burning

Mark's stuff
Tim' stuff
Tom's stuff
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