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My Stuff

I want to say Hi to some of my people:

Sue- we're nuts! damn jersey bitches. why you gotta be frontin yo! pimpin staten island like whoa haha j/k. where's arms at? haha you know i love ya. you're my blonde twin hehe

Renee and Ant- you guys are awesome. you guys have been there for me through all kinds of shit. thanks, it means the world to me.

Lyn and Chris- you guys are great. chris you run an awesome site and lyn you're just a goofball. thanks for letting me be a part of it.

Chickenheads- lol roadhead what? you guys are nuts. alice needs to stop going down to VA and chill with us more! i miss shoprite :(

Ryan- You're like my brother what can I say?? Stop dropping me on things!! I'm gonna get brain damage one day! Thanks for always highlighting my day with one of your stupid acts lol.

Ray- You've always been someone I can talk to. Mom loves you, well mom wants to make sweet passionate love TO you lol. You and Ryan are basically family. You need to stop kicking my car!! Before I kick you in the head!!!

Ed-you're my bud what can i say? you need to find another kristen lol can't break the trend. atleast you got the 4b in now ;) you might hit 16's MAYBE lol

everyone i met at stangbang- i hope we can all keep in touch, i'll be down in houston again this fall. HOPEFULLY if things go as planned. i can't wait til next year!

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