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Updated 2-March-2004
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Irina Chihaia

ETH Zentrum
RZ H-12
CH-8092 Zurich

Tel: +41 1 632 73 54
E-mail: chihaia at

About Me

I am a research and teaching assistant at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) at the Institute for Computer Systems, working on my doctoral thesis under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Gross.

I was born in Piatra-Neamt, Romania. In 1994, I graduated from the "Gheorghe Sincai" Science High School in Baia-Mare, with a major in Mathematics and Physics. During my computer science studies at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, my interests were computer networks, operating systems, and artificial intelligence. In February 1999, I had the opportunity to come to ETH and work on my diploma thesis entitled "Message Passing for Gigabit/s Networks with Zero-Copy under Linux". I received my diploma degree in computer science in September 1999. In October 1999, I joined ETH Zürich.


My work centers around applications with high space requirements that cannot (at this time) be distributed. I investigate architectural and operating system mechanisms to support these applications to finish the execution.

A summary of the many instrumentation and simulation tools used to evaluate memory system performance.


Recitation Groups:

Assistentenkoordination (ETH intern).

Student Projects

Available topics are here (ETH intern).

Diploma Theses Supervised:

Private Stuff

Dr. Lazar Chihaia's home page (my father)

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