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RMAF Jet Pictures

Royal Malaysian Air Force Jets

Updated: February 2, 2001

Pictures of Malaysian Air Force Jets are uncommon, but most of its aircraft are famous. Here are a few examples of RMAF aicraft and other users.

Here are a pair of USMC F/A-18 Hornets, the jet closer to the camera is an F/A-18D while the further is an F/A-18C.

Here an F/A-18D Hornet climbes on its tail

A US Marine A-4M Skyhawk.

Two Royal Malaysian Air Force Hawks, the closer jet is a Hawk 100 while the other is a Hawk 200. Note the Hawk 200's white nose and inflight refueling probe.

A Malaysian Air Force Hawk 200.

A big RMAF C-130 Herclues transport aircraft.

A MiG-29N Fulcrum at an airshow. A dummy AA-10 Alamo missile is being carried. The tail of a Russian Il-18/20/38 can be seen in the background.

A TUDM Hawk 200 flies over the forest. It is carrying two training bombs, a pair of Sidewinders and two drop tanks.

An F/A-18D sits outside its hanger.

A Malaysian MB339 trainer sits in front of an RMAF C-130.

The UH-60 is used by the Malaysian Air Force as a VIP transport.