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Troop 177

Why is troop 177 soo darn cool?           Well offhand I can't tell you a REALLY good reason           But there are lots, trust me!!           Oh! Oh! I've got one! We have more than one use for cooking spray!!           What is that use? Wouldn't you like to know!           But I'll give you a hint...we'll never have any trouble starting a fire!

Who:  Troop 177.

What:  A Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Scout Unit.
Where:  The Lewisberry LDS Church Building, Lewisberry Road, 
        Lewisberry, PA.
When:  Every Wednesday night at 7:00.

Why:  To have fun, learn scouting skills, and earn Merit Badges.

Troop 177 Roster (ABC order)
  • Jose Calix.....Tenderfoot rank.....13 years old
  • Chris Doemland.....Life rank.....14 years old
  • Steve Doemland.....1rst Class rank.....12 years old
  • Dave Drasher.....Tenderfoot rank.....12 years old
  • Nick Fike.....2nd Class rank.....12 years old
  • Justin Fike.....Life rank, close to Eagle.....17 years old
  • Tim Foreman.....2nd Class rank.....13 years old
  • Cliff Gammon.....1rst Class rank.....12 years old
  • Nathan Howe.....Tenderfoot rank.....13 years old
  • Kyle Jones.....2nd Class rank.....13 years old
  • Wes King.....Star rank.....15 years old
  • Meno Merakilas.....2nd Class rank .....12 years old
  • Alberto Roldan.....1rst Class rank .....14 years old
  • Ernest Siegle.....1rst Class rank.....12 years old
  • Kyle Shoemaker.....Life rank, close to Eagle.....16 years old
  • Nathan Toone.....Life rank.....13 years old

The latest 177 Eagle Scouts (ABC order...again! Can you believe it?)
  • Jeff Benney
  • Anthony Barnett
  • John Bubb
  • Grant Bubb
  • Zach Shoemaker
  • Jake Walters

Troop 177's Leader's (and guess what? NOT ABC order! AAAAA!)
  • Mark Doemland.....Scoutmaster
  • Russ Siegle.....Assistant Scoutmaster
  • Curtis Toone.....Varsity Scout Leader
  • Jason Jackson.....11-year-old Scout Leader
  • Ronney"Helper" =)
  • Debby Doemland.....Advancment Chairperson.......without her advancment would be impossible =)

Up-Coming events for troop 177 (It's only logical...They're in Chronological) ***I'm a poet and I didnt even know it!***
  • SEPTEMBER: Wizard Ranch Safari...Theme: "History of York County"
  • OCTOBER: (Possible) Hike/Campout on Appalachian Trail
  • OCTOBER: Hike/Bike on the new trail that leads to Baltimore
  • NOVEMBER: Some "For-Fun" campout Somewhere
  • DECEMBER: Winter campout at always
  • JANUARY: Klondike Derby (bbrrrrr)

Troop 177 is located in Lewisberry, PA, In between York and Harrisburg. We are an LDS troop which means we meet at a church and are paid for and function through the LDS church. We currently have two Patrols (5 scouts each). The names of our patrols are "The Mongoose Patrol" & "The Frog Patrol." We meet every Wednesday and work on scouting skills, such as knots, "no trace" camping, tents, first aid, and general outdoor skills. Afterwards, we play a sport, usually basketball or football. Troop 177 goes camping at least once a month. "We put the OUTING in SCOUTING." While at camp is when we practice, and or demonstrate the skills we have learned. We usually play a game or two of capture the flag at night. Troop 177 is working hard to get all eagles. A statsitic shows that only 4% of scouts reach eagle. We intend to prove that wrong. With the help of the leaders, Troop 177 will all become Eagle Scouts!

Click The spinning Globe to Check out our latest trip!

SCOUTING links, that is!

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  • Resource links to help you find Info on Mert Badges

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  • Info on our Latest trip!!!

  • What's up with troop 177?

    COMING SOON FOR TROOP 177: The Court of Honor on Sunday, August 22, at 7:00.

    This site is under heavy if your reading all of these, then you need a life!! ha ha just kidding then your cool. hm i wonder how long i can make this message. did you know that only 4% of all scouts become eagle? so you work hard!! ok bye!! come back soon!construction!! Come back daily!