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Welcome to my homepage
About me: I am 41 years old (at present) I have two kids, both girls, they are 19 and 16. I am originally from Pennsylvania, but i live in Illinois with the love of my life now. I enjoy gardening, crafts, movies, trivia games, and expanding my mind and thirsting for knowledge in any area. I feel that a real friend is someone who will let you grow and not try to restict you to their way of thinking (after all, diversity makes the world go round, right?) I enjoy meeting people who are witty and intelligent. a/s/l? to me, is so respsonse is usually 95/eunich/mars.....what does it matter? serious dislikes are....phonies and people who are only after one thing (you know who you are) <~~~rick you pig! lmao

this is us. me and wade. he doesn't like this pic too much but until we have a better one taken, it will have to do. i love him. never thought that i could love again after my marriage fell apart....but hope springs eternal.

these are my kids...jessi is 19 and quite an outspoken individual.....beautiful and intelligent. as you can see by the picture she is quite the ham. every gray hair on my head is named jessi. i could have died when i saw her tatoo (she got it when she went to can see a little bit of it sticking up on the top of her shirt). as if that wasn't enough....she got two more and is peirced 13 times...

this is ashley. she is the sweetest girl you would ever want to meet, and quite the "brainiac". she put together an "nsync" page that would make most teens drool. she even got pictures of one of the guys when he was in a parade near her home town. i think she had 160 hits on the site the first day. i miss them very much.
this is wade's son, brent. i haven't met him yet but from what i understand, the kid is a real character. wade told me he met a lady once and when she went to give him a kiss, he slipped her the tongue....this should prove to be interesting to say the least. i have made this picture clickable so you can see the REAL brent (now that we have officially met.....)

since moving to illinois i have become quite the hockey fan. needless to say, i am big fan of the "home team". before i moved here i didn't even know hockey existed (except my one daughter is in love with jagr) i enjoy it so much, i will be sad when the season in over.

this is our cat. his name is foggy but wade calls him "you little bastard". lol i know wade loves him (but you will never hear him say it). he's a good cat.....we are gonna have him neutered sometime. he may not like us too much after that.

and now for some of my favorite songs....hehe TURN IT UP!

googoo dolls long way down

back street boys rock your body

n sync bye bye bye

reo speedwagon keep pushin

night ranger don't tell me you love me

eric clapton wonderful tonight

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