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The Scroll Collection

Well, if you're here, it means that you've gone deep enough to find the Scroll Collection. None of these are for little kids. If you don't like them, well that's you. All stories, characters, plots, etc. are © 2000 Haha Productions. All pieces are works of fiction and any resembalence between them and real person/places/events--alive/dead/existing/existed/happened/happening--is pure coincidence. None of these stories reflect the religious/social/political beliefs of this author.

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away is a history of the story of Star Wars--most especially the novels from Bantam Spectra. At least up to the time I wrote it. Essay, G, nothing offensive.

Car Wrecks: Book 3: Fun With Friends: Abridged Edition is a pamplet with instructions on achieving some of the best (or worst) automobile collisions possible. Essay, PG?, the smaller kids shouldn't read this one as it could give them ideas they shouldn't have.

Dimension2 A sci-fi, it breaks away from the fiction I had been writing. This is the original short story that won 1st place in a school system contest that I'm basing a more detailed and indepth novel on. This particular story deals with furries, mostly with FahxxWuulf, a squirrel that's only trying to make an 'A+' in his astro-physics class. PG-15 rating due to strong violence, some slightly explicit sexual themes, and moderate language.

Horses, though not dark like Unwanted Scars, is somewhat of a sad tale. Brene's life is turned into a fantasy by her birthday presents. G, nothing offensive.

Horses 2: United Once More. Breane Woodstone is having disturbing nightmares about Martin and an old friend is up to new tricks, both of which lead to events that will change her life forever. PG-15 for strong sexual content (at the beginning), mild language, and mild violence.

Life Story follows the life of Martin who is unique in his small town of Klettersville. G, nothing offensive.

Mankind is poem on my theory of humans. I've had many people ask it's meaning so feel free to e-mail me( if you're not sure, and I'd like to hear what your interp. of it is. G, nothing offensive.

Prisoner. A POW of twenty years finds hope when a newly caught prisoner of war tells him news which leads to their planning an escape, but will they, for attempting to do so means possible death. But to stay there means certain death. PG for mild language and mild violence.

Star Trek Vs. Star Wars is an interesting essay I did that deals with the pros and cons of each series. Essay, G, nothing offensive.

The Adventure Of A Lifetime is the novelization of our RP sessions. With comedy, drama, and adventure, it follows the tale of several creatures on their misadventures. After fighting creatures from natives armed with bows and arrows to thugs on robotic horses to foot long flies that can bite off a hand (or paw), you can believe, these poor souls are starting to wish they'd stayed in bed. PG13 for mild language, moderate violence, and mild sexual themes.

The End is a short story I wrote as an experiment--note the key word 'experiment'! I'd noticed I needed to improve on character interaction and this story came about. It's only about three pages long, but it's interesting. I like it. This one, unlike the others, was not written for reader's pleasure so I don't care if you don't like it. And no, I obviously don't own the © to Atlanta, GA, USA or China. ;P G, nothing offensive.

Reflecting Philosophies is a mythology about a young man who has a gift from the gods that people will die for... G with mild violence.

The Wanderings Of A Prince is a four part story telling the journey of two wolves in search of a new home. Unrated at this time. In the making.

Unwanted Scars is a darker tale that I've written. When Mysty wakes up and finds her husband missing, strange things begin to happen. G with mild violence.

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