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Fresh Dirt

Around The Hole, you'll see some Fresh Dirt if you've not been here in a while, and if you haven't ever been here...well, all of it'll be fresh for you.

May somethingorother, 2001--No updated liked I hoped, cause I changed my mind about the order in which I'd post stuff. I did change the construction icon in case you hadn't noticed. It suits the site better.

April 29, 2001--Posted The Adventure Of A Lifetime, a continuing story, in the Scroll Collection, updated The Notice Sign and the Personal Data Base.

March 29, 2001--Posted about ten pics, but don't have thumbnails up yet, and probably won' for a while so just look for the pics w/out t'nails and those are new, in the Pokecenter, Silver Star Hall Of Tapestries, and The Blender sections of the Wall Paintings, moved all essays to the Scroll Collection section, and got rid of the Essays Of A Different Stripe section, updated the Notice Sign, reposted the entire Scroll Collection section with the addition of Prisoner and a preview for The Adventures Of A Life Time.

January 15, 2001--Big note from the webmasters of this site at The Notice Sign concerning future updates and other stuff so go check it out now!

December 13, 2000--Reposted the entire Wall Paintings section! 8D Also updated the Notice Sign.

Noveber 27, 2000--After having been down for a few weeks, The Hole partially reopens! :)

November 9, 2000--Horses 2: United Once More is finally posted! :P

September 19, 2000--Posted thumbnail for Resident Evil art. Stuff all screwy with comp at home so stories will be delayed.

September 13, 2000--You've been waiting for over a year, but I've finally gotten around to posting thumbnails, now available for your viewing pleasure in the Pokecenter. Hey look, we won some kind of award!, and in the 'Scroll Collection' are the titles and trailers of 4 stories in the works.

September 5, 2000--Posted 3 1/2 pics today: 'ZigZag' (in the 'Other Stuff'), 'Us' (in with the other pokemon), 'Sailor Popeye' (Other Stuff), and 'Jessica deAlkirk' (in the Lunar section) (the last one is the 1/2 a pic).

August 31, 2000--Started tweaking the 'Wall Paintings' to make them uniform.

August 28, 2000--For yer viewing pleasure, today I posted 'Sith Chick' (Star Wars art), & 'Me, Myself, and I...and Fahxx' & 'Tina's "Big" Question' in the "Other Art Department".

August 23, 2000--Posted Butterruff (Other Art) & Shocking Girl (Pokemon Art).

August 22, 2000--Added Persian Lady 2 to the Pokemon Art department.

August 5, 2000--Added 3 new pics: 'Power Puff Kittie' (in 'Other Art') and 'The Rebel Of All Pokemon' and 'Persian Lady' (in Pokemon Art).

August 1, 2000--Did a bunch of stuff to the graphics in 'The Tunnels' which should decrease the loading time of the pages, especially the 'Online Comics' page.

July 31, 2000--Did some behind the scenes work, updated the 'Notice Sign', added a content warning to 'Dimension2', and tweaked some pages.

July 30, 2000--Updated 'Notice Sign', moved the 'Ghaleon' pic to the new 'Silver Star Hall Of Tapestries' page (within 'Wall Paintings'), and added three new pics 'Luna And The Blue and Silver Stars' and 'Nall' (under 'Silver Star Hall Of Tapestries'), and 'Meowth' (under 'Pokemon', duh ;P).

July 25, 2000--Posted 1 new pic, 'Ezri', in the Star Trek art section and 2 new pics, 'Bengal Kitty' and 'Ghaleon', in the 'Other Art' section, tweaked some pages, added a link to 'A Doemain Of Our Own' in the 'On-line Comics' section, and updated the 'Notice Sign'.

July 22, 2000--IT'S FINALLY DONE!!!! After almost a year, Dimension2 is FINALLY completed and posted in full for public viewing!

July 19, 2000--Wrote another short story--'The End', still trying to finish up 'Dimension 2'.

June 22, 2000--I added two more essays, updated the Notice Sign, and the Personal Data Base, and added a link in the fan-fic section for(drum roll please!) Paul S. Gibbs has a completely revamped his old site with lots of new material and now open for public viewing at .

June 10, 2000--First entry this year....Anywho, finally updated by adding a whole 'nother section to the page, finishing up Dimension 2.

December 11, 1999--Added links to 'Kevin and Kell' and 'Fuzzy Things' (both online comics), and removed the link to 'Over the Hedge' and repaired some link buttons, and updated the Notice sign, and put a short bio up about Amanda on the Personal Data Base page.

November 16, 1999--Posted 'Mewtwo: Harbinger Of Justice, Or Messenger Of Doom?', 'Mewtwo Vs. Mew', and 'Ash & The Gang' (all under Pokemon art {obviously}), and changed the background on the main page; I got tired of the lattice work design in the other one.

November 15, 1999--Reposted 'Running With Scissors'(other art) and 'Claire'(Resident Evil art). Posted 'Princess Sally....Gone Borg'(Star Trek art) and 'The Ultimate Punishment'(other art).

November 11, 1999--Reposted 'Evil Can Love' and 'Return of the Sith' in the Star Wars dept. (These were lost when SKUNKED! Productions went down a few months back.) And as always, some behind the scenes work that you'll see in about a week.

November 8, 1999--Added a link to Ozy & Millie (in the comic dept.), fixed some backgrounds, and did a buttload of behind the scenes stuff that you'll see in a couple of days.

November 3, 1999--Posted 'Ehm'Ayla on the Hunt', 'Sah'aaran Care', 'Elizabeth Reads', and 'Elizabeth Waits' (all in the Other Stuff section of the Wall paintins), and updated the Notice Sign.

October 25, 1999--Added a button graphic to ZZ Studios link.

October 20, 1999--Installed a counter, guestbook, an image for Sabrina Online, and made some transparent gifs.

October 12, 1999--Reinstated Chapter 1 of Dimension2 (if you've already read it, you'll definitely wanna read it again).

October 7, 1999--Posted 'Grimers' Anonomous', 'Vulpix 15', a movie poster for The Sixth Sense, 'Nasheem', and 'Sweet Dreamer'.

October 4, 1999--Shut down Chapter 1 of Dimension2 for repairs, and added a link to 'When I Grow Up' (a comic strip), and a link to ZZ Studios (a fan fic), and a link to Maquis Forces International (a business/club {listed under business}).

September 30, 1999--Dimension2: Chapter 1: Preperations is posted.

September 27, 1999--Re-posted the first two 'Sith. Nothing More.' pics, 'Banga'roo, JarJar, and Accepting the Abnormal. Lots of behind the scenes mess.

September 23, 1999--Completed 'Life Story', began working on 'Dimension2'.

September 21, 1999--Overhaul the Wall Paintings, do some behind-the-scenes work.

September 15, 1999--Lara finishes her takeover of the 'Wall Paintings'.

September 9, 1999--Lara begins her takeover of the 'Wall Paintings' section, three new pics added ('Sith 3', 'happily', and 'Grimer'), behind the scenes work (getting ready for major change in the 'Wall Paintings' setup). September 1, 1999--Put the 'K' size of the last four pics posted (so you know how big they are), made all pages uniform in black background with white text ('cept the homepage {I like it like that}), updated the Notice Sign, did a lot of behind the scenes work (it did nothing to the look of the sight, but it did free me up more space, made some spelling corrections and 'Horses' is now posted.

August 26, 1999--Posted 'Mankind', updated the 'Notice Sign' and my 'Personal Database'.

August 25, 1999--Finished 'Unwanted Scars' and updated the Resident Evil page.

August 5, 1999--Put up four new pics:Jill, Jigglypuff, Weird Al, and Dangerous Minds, and added a link to the Church of the Quivering Otter.

August 2, 1999--Got around to putting up my Personal Data Base and the Notice Sign, fixed the Darth Maul Estrogin Brigade link so that it goes to their new addy, adapted the Wall Paintings page to look like the rest of the site.

July 29, 1999--Put up the rest of the links (will add some more later) and for now will start working on some other projects, since I update several times a day sometimes I'm going to start putting the time of day as well.

July 28, 1999--Got the first installment of the Scroll Collection (my library) up, got the Scroll Collection page itself up, added a few more dividers to the homepage, made some spelling correction, put my email on, added MANY more links.

July 27, 1999--Fixed the "FurryRing" link box dojobie (and yes, I know I haven't completely fixed the "New Anthro Art Ring" thingie yet, but that'll hafta wait until I get put back in the ring)and added some more links.

July 26, 1999--Added some divider thingies.

July 22, 1999--I finally began excavating The Tunnels (my links page) and so got rid of all those business links at the bottom of the page, and added the Wall Paintings page. There, you can see the title, description and size (in K) of each picture before viewing it.

July 20, 1999--Put up news on Resident Evil Nemesis and put a link to it from The Hole, fixed all the inconsistancies on the Fresh Dirt page, added three new pics, and found out the webring thingies are funky and am in the process of trying to fix them.

July 14, 1999--Put up webring thingiemabobs.

July 13, 1999--Put up 4 more of my sis' pics and doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work which will probably able to be seen in about 2 weeks.

July 8, 1999--Did up a background, changed the letter coloring, added the Fresh Dirt page.

July 7, 1999--Moved in.

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