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Part 3
     In manufacturing, quality control is a big issue.  Products must be inspected to ensure that they meet certain standards and specifications.  Those standards must meet the given expectations of the product's use.  Even with advances in product manufacturing, mistakes can still be made.  The goal of quality control is to inspect products and to remove those that do not meet the given criteria. 
     There are two main methods of manufacturing.  The oldest production method is custom manufacturing.  It is used to produce small quantities of a product.  Each part in custom manufacturing is individually made to the customer's specifications.  Highly skilled workers are needed to custom manufacture a product.  In continuous manufacturing, uniform parts of products are built in large numbers.  Each step in the manufacturing process has a separate "station" in which that step is completed.  Recently, continuous manufacturing has been turned over to automated machines such as robots and computers.  This allows for increased production with fewer variations.  In the future, automated technology will be responsible for new advancements in product manufacturing and will have a profound impact in our lives in general.