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Solution Part 1
     The design and engineering of a product involves research.  This includes the research of previously attempted and perhaps failed designs.  Engineering, research, design,and development  of a product requires teamwork.  This teamwork has to identify the product needs, quality control matters, and basic needs of the consumer.  Basic research is applied to a product in a sense that the research will not only allow the product being designed to have better qualities, but to enable future products to become more advanced in their capabilities as well.  Applied research is used to gain specific information about a product or the processes involved in developing that product in order to improve these processes. Applied research may then be divided into specific researching categories.  These may include Product, Manufacturing, Operations, and Materials research. The process of manufacturing a product has three basic steps.  Development of a product utilizes the information obtained in the researching phase of product manufacturing.  To aide in the design of a product, development must meet the general requirements of the product and the requirements of the consumer.