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     After the computer was first developed, people dreamed of faster, cheaper, and mainly smaller ones.  While new technologies emerged, such as the laser,  this dream was made possible.  It was not until 1971, though, that this dream was finally accomplished by a company called Intel.
     The microprocessor was developed by Intel in 1971 for use in a calculator.  It was called the Intel 4004.  This processor contained 2,300 transistors on a four- bit microprocessor that could perform only 60,000 operations per second.  Two years later the Intel 8008 was developed. It was an eight-bit processor which ran on computer terminals and had 3,300 transistors.  The microprocessor has changed drastically over the years, and it is still being used.

     Microprocessors are still used in computers and in calculators.  They have even reached the speed of one gigahertz.  Many companies have developed over the years such as AMD, who is now in competition with the growing company Intel.  Many small companies have also developed such as PONY, who now makes personal computers.  The microprocessor has changed the way we live.  It has paved the way for improving computers. The microprocessor is very reliable, and it will continue to be used into the 21st century.

CAT Scan:

     For centuries man has tried to solve the mysteries of illnesses, diseases, and other such medical problems.  Man searched for a solution, or a way to see these problems at the first sign.  This solution would have to be safe, painless, and  quick. Godfrey N. Nounsfield was the man that found that solution.

     Godfrey N. Nounsfield developed the CAT scan in 1975.  He used X-rays reflectors and computer sensors to make this dream possible.  The X-ray beams would be focused on specific areas of the body and reflected to computer sensors to give a very precise map of the body part.  It is so precise that it can map injuries in the brain.  This revolutionary invention changed medicine forever.  Now, CAT scans are used everyday.  Even though there is a new technology called MRI, the CAT scan is still a main choice because of its low running cost.

Compact Disk:

     When the PC was developed, the hard drive was the only source of memory, and current records could only hold a few songs.  There had to be a solution.  The demands were from many music enthusiasts and large software companies.  They wanted a cheap way to store large files.
     The compact disc was developed by the Sony and Phillips Corporations in the early 1980s.  After being released on the market, the CD became popular.  It was used to replace vinyl records which were used for musical recordings.  The CD could be played on an optical storage system called the CD-ROM (Compact Disc Read-Only Memory).  The technology of the CD-ROM drive came from that used in current technologies such as the floppy disk drives.  CDs can hold many things such as music, pictures, word documents, and other files.  CDs were also created due to their small size and thickness.  CDs have come a long way.

     CDs are still being used to this day.  They can hold lots of information.  A new development to the CD is the CD-RW drive, which stands for Compact Disc ReWritable drive.  CDs can be rewritten with information if needed.  The drive can also copy music files onto the CD.  This process is called burning.  The CD has revolutionized the computer greatly.  It will most definitely be used into the 21st century and beyond.