Chris Hovck - Drums
Tom Maxwell - Guitars
Matt Holt - Vocals
Bill Gaal - Bass

an audio guide to everyday atrocity

Nothingface Tracklisting
The tracklisting for Nothingface's upcoming TVT Records debut album "Violence" has slipped out. The album was recorded at the Armoury in Vancouver, B.C. with producer Drew Mazurek and mixed in New York by David Bottrill, and the tracklist is as follows:
01 - "Make Your Own Bones"
02 - "Bleeder"
03 - "Same Solution"
04 - "For All The Sin"
05 - "Cant Wait For Violence"
06 - "Dead Like Me"
07 - "Blue Skin"
08 - "Filthy"
09 - "Hidden Hands"
10 - "American Love"
11 - "Everlasting Godstopper"
12 - "Piss 'N Vinegar"
Get a mp3 of the track "Can't Wait For Violence" at

Nothingface Added to Tattoo The Earth
The official website of the tour has confirmed Nothingface and Relative Ash to be on the tour. The roster so far:
Coal Chamber
Nashville Pussy
Workhorse Movement
Full Devil Jacket
One Minute Silence
Relative Ash (6/30)

More Nothingface CD Info
Nothingface have are done mixing their upcoming TVT Records debut "Violence" at Sountrak Studios in NY with David Bottrill and will wrap final mastering in New York tomorrow June 30th with Ted Jensen and will then prepare to hit the road on the Tattoo The Earth Tour. The album was recorded at Armoury in Vancouver, B.C. with producer Drew Mazurek and is tentatively set to be released on September 26th. (6/30)

Nothingface Soon?
The new Nothingface album has 12 new songs. It was recorded and produced by Drew Mazurek (Nothingface, Jawbox, Souls at Zero), and will be mixed by David Bottrill (Tool, King Crimson, Kid Rock, Peter Gabriel) during the first two weeks of June. The album was recorded at the Armoury in Vancouver.
The cd is titled VIOLENCE and should be out sometime this summer.

Nothingface emerged from Washington, DC in 1996 to the national eye by many accounts as the band to watch in the new aggro rock genre. Their debut CD "Pacifier" came out of nowhere on indie label DCide and crushed all listeners, riding CMJ's Loud chart for 23 weeks. Non-stop touring built the buzz the real way: by bringing a truly compelling live performance to fans across the country. Word spread fast of the cult-like devotion Nothingface's fans felt for the band. Nothingface toured extensively with Stuck Mojo and Tree, Biohazard, Snot, Helmet, Kilgore, 24-7 Spyz, System of a Down, Karma to Burn, and Sam Black Church. Then Concrete's Walter O'Brien joined the team as the bands manager, adding them to his roster of Pantera and Anthrax. Now, their follow up CD "an audio guide to Everyday Atrocity" is finished, and a new relationship between DCide and Mayhem brings the project up another notch with national distribution through ADA. "Everyday Atrocity" contains many of the same ingredients the Nothingface exhibited on "Pacifier": infectious grooves, monstrous riffs, inhuman drumming and Matts violent and disturbed signature vocals. But this record takes it a step further as the band digs deeper into the most terrible acts humans are capable of, and delivers the "Atrocity" with more force and anger, yet also with more melody and complex songwriting.

We've been working on the new album for a couple of weeks, and its going better than we ever expected. Two new songs are done and they are awsome. Matt might have broken a rib the other day, so he hasn't been able to finish up his vocal parts, but what i have heard has been incredible!!! Just a couple of months left before we get into the studio to record the album and we cant wait. This new album is going to destroy anything that we have done in the past!!!

9/28/99: Spent the last couple of days in the studio doing demos of the new songs. We recorded 4 new songs on Monday, and Matt finished the vocals on one of them today. Its insanely heavy shit!!! Cant wait to finish these new songs so we can record the record. hopefully we will know who is going to be producing it within the next month.

11/17/99: Alright. so its been a couple of months since I've written anything....we've been busy writing the soundtrack for the end of the world!!!!! Writing this new album has been great so far. There are 9 new songs done and a few more on the way. We thought we would be going into the studio in December to begin recording, but the hunt to find the perfect producer for our album is taking longer than expected. At this point we are hoping to be in the studio by Januarry 2000 to begin work. The new songs are incredible and Matts vocals are unbeleivable!!! We have done some of the demo's at the studio where we recorded "Atrocity" but most have been done in our little studio (where we recorded "Pacifier"). I will be putting some new pictures up soon of our practice place and our studio. If you are at a record store anytime soon, pick up the "Hard and Heavy" Compilation CD. we are on it along with a ton of other bands youv'e heard of. Its pretty cool. Anyways, time to get back to work, Matt and I (Bill) are recording vocals for new songs today and hopefully we will be able to put up some small clips ofthe demos soon...

12/5/99: Its looking like we will be recording the new record in the middle of January, but we are still working out the details on who will be producing the album. Matt and I just finished recording vocals for three new song that are heavy as shit!! This week we are recording two more new songs at our studio, so hopefully we will have 15 to 20 songs to choose from for the album. Tom Matt and I (Bill) went out to see our friends in STAIND last night. They were great and they're a bunch of great guys. If you havent heard them yet, go get their album (it just sold 500,00 copies......congratulations guys).

1/13/00: Alright, looks like everybody survived the new year and now its time to get back to work. It looks like we might not get into the studio to do the next album until March, and by then we will have two albums worth of new stuff!! 9 songs are finished right now and a couple of new ones are in the works.
We went up to New York a couple of weeks ago to sign the final long form of our contract with TVT records, and then hit their Christmas party and got completely trashed.
By the way, I know that everybody has an opinion on which band kicks the other bands ass, but all of the negative comments about the other bands that show up in our guestbook need to stop. Most of these bands that you guys hate are friends of ours and we dont want any bad blood between us. Thanks guys.....Talk to you soon.

1/19/00: We've been talking to four different producers over the last couple of months, and it looks like we will be making a decision real soon. we can't wait to get in he studio and record this new stuff!!!! Not much has been happening over the past couple of weeks, we've been writing and recording new stuff and thats about it. Now we are just waiting for TVT to call and tell us its time to do the album.......

1/25/00: Tom and I went out last night to see Slipknot, WillHaven and Kittie. All of the bands were great and we hung out with the girls from Kittie for a little while. They were great live, way heavier than I realized. Of course Slipknot was cool in their loud, evil way. can't wait to tour with those guys, I imagine alot of towns are gonna get fucked up!!!!!

3/27/00: Well, we've been up here in Vancouver B.C. working on the new album for two weeks now. The studio is great and the new music sounds incredible. We got here on the 10th ( I think..) and spent the first day checking out the city. There's lots of porno shops in Vancouver. Things at the studio have been going great, the drums are finished for 7 of the new songs and guitars and bass are finished for 6 songs. Hopefully the album will be out early this summer, i'm pretty sure we will be hitting the road again in may. The weather has been pretty crappy, but we've been inside most of the time working on the record. I (Bill) had a homeless lady scream at me the other day and that was kind of interesting, for some reason she thought i was going to be eaten by a woman with one eye, so i've been watching out for people with eye patches.......anyways, things are going great blah blah blah..................see ya later.


What we said to ourselves and to each other was that we had to write this new record as if it were the soundtrack to the end of the world. A piece of music that not only overwhelms but also taps into the deepest emotions of its players and listeners. "Everyday Atrocity" was our way of putting the mirror in front of society. This time we're putting the mirror in front of ourselves and opening emotions and skeletons that have been pent up and that need to be released.

It's been a year to the date since our last record was released. It has also been the longest year of our lives. Not only did we tour consistently, meet and make new friends with great bands and fans, but we also inked a deal with TVT Records A label who not only introduced great bands like Nine Inch Nails and Sevendust to the world, but who also has the most kick-ass A&R guy named Sean Roberts. Who himself, Michelle Oakes and our great managers Walter O'Brien and Kim Zide patiently and brutally pursued this deal for ten long months.

Which brings us back to the longest year of our lives part. I can sum it up in one word.....DRAMA. With drama comes frustration, tension, stress, insomnia and loss of appetite. All of which can kill creativity but in our case has only fueled our fire for world domination. But when all was said and done, we knew what it meant to sell your soul for rock'n'roll.

And now here we are.....writing and rehearsing in the ghettos of Baltimore getting ready to record the album of our lives. We've been at it for one month and so far we have finished five new songs. Five songs that completely rip shit up!!!! We still have two months to finish writing,and whether these songs make it on the record remains to be seen, but we're definitely happy with the way our music is taking shape. One thing i love about our band is that we unknowingly evolve and re-invent ourselves. Not necessarily change but grow and mature. We're reaching to create the heaviest, darkest, deepest and most emotional record we can. In a way i think this record will be a way of giving ourselves therapy and finally bringing closure to a time that was indeed helpful but also internally damaging. Like we said to ourselves....we have to write this record as if it were the soundtrack to the end of the world. Now that will be cool!!!!

T. Maxwell

in my opinion, the initial stages of writing a new album is frustrating.. I mean, it's not difficult writing songs and rehashing the same grooves and rhythms over and over again, but writing songs that show maturity and reinvention is hard and mentally challenging.

For the past ten weeks we have been relentlessly writing song after song, sifting through countless riffs trying to capture the essence that makes up Nothingface. So far, seven songs have made the list and we still have over a month left to finish writing. For the record I have to say " This album is gonna be incredible!" Though I have to admit, when you throw yourself into your music every waking hour of your life, it can burn you out a little. I can't even begin to tell you the countless number of restless hours I've spent in my basement recording songs into my tiny piece of shit boom-box. Don't ask me why I don't own a four track recorder. The reality of it is, I'm just too lazy to go out and buy one.

So with over a month left to write and our songs continually getting better and better, we have no doubt that this will be our finest effort yet. Now we have to get used to the idea of working with a producer. We've always produced our own music and the thought of working with someone whose sole job is quality control of your music is scary. Hopefully, we'll get the right producer who understands our vision and can bring fresh ideas that help mold our music into something amazing. As it stands, I'm confident that our songs are great, but the idea of someone helping enhance our sound is exciting and welcomed.

So, that's all I have to say for now. The next time you hear from me we'll be just getting ready to enter the studio. I'll have info on who will be producing the record, and even some more song titles. All in all, this is gonna be a great record, and i can't wait to get back out on tour and take these songs live.

Till next time.....see ya!!! T

Finally!!.....we're finished writing. It has taken us the better part of five months to complete our newest act of insanity. 'PURE FUCKING MADNESS' is all i can say that best describes what we're about to release this summer. Never have i felt more confident in anything we have ever done before. We've written over eighteen songs and plan to record at least fourteen that best represents our collective vision. After listening to the demos it became very evident that this record is going to be much heavier than we anticipated. Everything that makes up Nothingface...the heaviness...the groove..the emotion and melodies are just ten times what it ever was. Words cannot describe how excited and impatient we are to release this music to you all.

We fly for Vancouver,BC on March 10th to begin recording at Armoury Studios. Five weeks of pure creative bliss. After a few months of over who was going to produce this record, it was decided that Drew Mazurek, who also did our 'Atrocity' record, will be producing and engineering. It will be determined in the next few weeks on who will be mixing the record. This will be our first time outside the U.S.A so you can imagine how worked up we are to get this started. The only thing i'm not looking forward to is the long flight without a ciggerette......thank god for cocktails!

So here it comes......our debut for TVT records. I hope your all ready because we're about to lay down a fat smack across your ass. As i said before...this is going to be an amazing record. Some of you have been writing us asking if we we're going to get more commercial or mainstream.....well...the answer is not only no.. but FUCK NO!! Everything that we ever release will be real, honest and uncompromised. There's nothing pretencious about our band or our music so don't expect us to bring in elements of this or that just to fit into certain formats. We're out to break the mold...not join it.

So thats it for now. Expect us to tour extensively for the next year and a half everywhere the road takes us. As always we're going to blow it up live and leave lasting impressions on all that see us. We can't wait to see you all there.....and we can't wait to deliver what is so much needed. Take a breath cause it's comin'.......


Track Listing for Pacifier
1. Goldtooth
2. Grinning
3. So Few
4. Villians
5. Sleeper
6. Breath Out
7. Error In Excellence
8. I, Diablo
9. The Sick

Track Listing for Audio Guide To Everday Atrocity
1. One Thing
2. Pacifier
3. Lipsdick
4. Undercut
5. Defaced
6. Self Punishment
7. Hitch
8. Useless
9. Perfect Person
10. Communion


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