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Patts Shell Angel Ornaments

Welcome !!!!!!!!!

Shell Angel Ornaments are a wonderful gift for all angel collectors. Their very delicate and unique. All ages love them. All handmade and dedicated to all children lost before or after birth.

My Poem from my father

Oyster Shell Angels

Delicate Angels made from Washington State Oyster shells. $12.00each + S&H included.

Scallop Shell Angel

Angel designed from a Scallop Shell. Very unique and delicatly hand made. $10each + S&H included.

Noodle Angels

Angels almost completly made from assorted pasta's. Hand made carefully. Each with its own special musical intrument. Great for a gift due to its unique design. $10each + S&H included

Angel Created from two Doily's. Then accented with gold. Great addition to any angel collection as a gift or to add to your own. Each $12.00 (s&h included)


The best heat pad you will ever own!

Its great for necks, backs, and anywhere as needed.

You simply place it in microwave, nuke for 2.5 minutes. Its that simple. Will last for years! Picture here has no cover on the heating pad. But all come with a flannal sleeve for extra barrier between skin and the hot pad. I gave everyone for xmas one and sold as many as I could make! The heat is moist so will penetrate the aches even better than the ordinary dry heat pad. The best part is it doesn't need a plugin!! A great gift for anyone young or old! Called the "Bed Buddy" as you can place in your cold sheets and snuggle to it and stay warm shortly after! Its approxamatly 35 inches long x 7 inches wide.

Its all for $25.00. ( S&H included)

E-Mail Patts for ordering info!

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