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The R.O.G. Photo Gallery

Here is my brother's and my (Paintballer187) Raptor

Accesories include:

Here is Chris Damico's nice Raptor and gear. He has all of the following:

Here is RaptorEM's gun. It has diamondlabs titanium bolt, turbo valve, x-pansion chamber, rear cocking knob, double trigger, taso wrap around grips, beaver tail. 14" Dye aluminum barrel, polished internals, and a tippman grip.

PAINTBALL8869's Raptor

This is his raptor after a few changes, but before the major ones.

Here is a pic of PAINTBALL8869's newly designed Raptor:

Click HERE for Dudemans Raptor. It may take a while to load because it is a large picture. He has added the following-

Here is an animated picture of how the internals of the Raptor are. Provided by Chris Kriens