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Proper care and maintenance of your Raptor will ensure its long life and reliable operation. This guide is written to help with standard tear down as well as troubleshootingany problems you might come across.

Tools Needed
1 Flathead screwdriver.
2 Pliers.
3 Allen wrenches.
4 Wooden dowel.
5 Automatic transmission fluid or paintgun oil
6 Paper towels

Remove the barrel by turning counter-clockwise. Remove the bolt plug and striker plug from the rear of the marker. When the striker plug is removed the spring guide, spacer, and striker spring can be taken out of the striker tube. Using pliers or a screwdriver, remove the cocking knob from the striker. At this point it depends on what type of Raptor you own. If you own an old green Raptor you must use the cocking knob to remove the connecting pin from the small hole in the top of the sight rail. If you have a newer marker you must use the threaded end of the spring guide to remove the connecting pin. After the connecting pin is removed the bolt and striker can be slid out the rear of the marker. This is as much tear-down as you need for the standard cleaning and relubrication. If you are only cleaning the marker, clean all the various parts and the bolt and striker tubes. Lubricate the parts and tubes using ATF or paintgun oil. Reassemble the marker using the reverse order of the disassembly guide above. Pay close attention to the bolt and striker, making sure you get them right side up. The newer bolts only have one co2 delivery hole so there is a chance of getting i in upside-down.

Valve Disassembly
Use this guide if you have to replace any of the valve components. First you must disassemble the marker using the above guide. After the marker is completely disassembled, take out the valve plug, valve spring, star washer, and cupseal from the front of the marker. Check all of these components for wear and replace any damaged parts. In order to remove the valve body you must take off the grip frame. There are two allen screws, one in front of the trigger guard and one behind the grip that must be removed. After the grip frame is removed you will notice an allen set screw just in front of the slot where the sear protrudes into the striker tube. This set screw holds the valvebody in place. When the set screw is removed the valvebody can be pushed out by using a wooden dowel to shove it out the front or rear of the marker.Now you can clean the whole striker tube. Clean and lubricate everything and reassemble the valve. I recommend that when you put the valvebody back in you install it so that the blowback hole is on top closest to the bolt tube. This prevents the chance that you will cover the blowback hole with the valvebody set screw accidentally. When reassembling the valve pay close attention to the cupseal. You need to make sure the stem on the cupseal is seated properly in the hole of the valvebody. Use a flashight if necessary to make certain the cupseal is in right and that the star washer is seated properly on the end of the cupseal before you install the valve spring and valve plug.

Partial parts list:
2-star washer/valve guide
6-connecting pin
7-ball detent wire
13-cup seal
14-valve plug
16-valve spring
23- cocking knob
50-bolt plug

Guide by: Doughie