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*!~a BiOgRaPhY on Rachel Leigh Cook*!~

Born: October 4, 1979
Where: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Age: 19
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 52
Weight: 100 pounds
Home base: Apartment in L.A.
Wardrobe: Black and brown
Sibling: Rachael has a younger brother named Ben.
Significant companion: Ryan Alosio
Pets: Rachael's family has a boxer dog named Stella and two cats, a Burmese named Beau and a Tonkinese named Skippy.
School: Rachael graduated in Spring of 1998. She was a student at Laurel Springs School.
Favorite color: Black
Hobbies: Drawing, painting, reading, writing, tennis, rollerblading, shopping, garage sales, going to plays, and going to the Griffith Park Observatory
Favorite authors: Shirley Jackson, F. Scott Fritzgerald, and Franz Kafka
Favorite books: "The Great Santini" by Pat Conroy, "Three Uses of the Knife" by David Mamet, and "Downsize This!" by Michael Moore
Favorite movies: "Basquiat", "Swingers", "Bob Roberts", "This is Spinal Tap", and "The Breakfast Club"
Favorite TV shows: "American Gladiators", "3rd Rock From the Sun", and "Fraiser"
Favorite bands: Indigo Girls, The Who, That Dog, U2, Soul Coughing, Sordid Humor, and The Propellorheads
Dislikes: Spiders, power tools, rollercoasters, math, traffic, THX sound promos, most poodles, excessive use of the letter "k" in words normally spelled with a "c", root beer, old green tattoos, and going to the dentist
At age 7: Rachael got her first acting role in a non-speaking part in a public service announcement encouraging adults to become foster parents.
At age 10: Rachael started modeling. With her parents' help, Rachael got an agent and soon started landing modeling and commercial jobs. Rachael appeared in numerous school musicals, in local ads, and on the boxes of Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits in stores now.
Debut: "The Girl in 26 Summer Street"
The big break: "Tom and Huck"
Movie credits: Filmography
TV credits: "The Outer Limits", "The Defenders", "Payback", "Country Justice", the mini-series "True Women", and "Dawson's Creek"
Coming attraction: "The Bumblebee Flies Anyway"
Did you know?
- Rachael was really shy when younger.
- Rachael decided she wanted to model in the 2nd grade.
- Rachael is left handed.
- Rachael is a vegetarian and does not eat red or white meat or fish. She is a devotee of Embers and the International House of Pancakes.
- Rachael had a temporary tattoo on her left arm. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------