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The Aiken Drum Timeline
What happened, and when. For the record.

Part One: The Analogue Years

1988 Aiken Drum Formed
1989 The Chocolate Biscuit Tapes Limited Edition Cassette EBLC01
1989 Postcard From Coventry Limited Edition Cassette EBLC02
1990 AD90 Limited Edition Cassette EBLC03
1991 Days Like These Limited Edition Cassette EBLC04
1992 Aiken Drum Disbanded
1992 Previously Unreleased Limited Edition Cassette EBLC05
1993 Welcome To The Freakshow Solo album by James A Bostock Limited Edition Cassette EBLC06
1993 Aiken Drum Reformed (New Line-Up)
1995 Nine Limited Edition Cassette EBLC07
1995 Aiken Drum Disbanded (Again)
1996 Proof Michelle Noonan and Simon Peacock Limited Edition Cassette EBLC08
1997 A Young Person's Guide… Limited Edition Cassette EBLC09
1998 Live Bootleg Sessions Limited Edition Cassette EBLC10
1999 Aftermath Solo album by Simon Peacock Limited Edition Cassette EBLC11

Part Two: The Digital Domain

2000 Aiken Drum Reformed (Both Line-Ups Anew)
2000 Aiken Drum (Bug Album) New CD EBCD12
2000 2000AD New CD EBCD13
2001 The Chocolate Biscuit Tapes Digitally Remastered EBCD01
2001 Postcard From Coventry Digitally Remastered EBCD02
2002 Evolution New CD EBCD14
2002 AD90 Digitally Remastered EBCD03
2002 A Young Person's Guide… Digitally Remastered EBCD09
2003 Mathematica New Solo CD of instrumentals by Simon Peacock EBCD15
2003 Days Like These Digitally Remastered EBCD04
2003 Welcome To The Freakshow Digitally Remastered EBCD06
2004 ...And Another Thing New CD of Unreleased Tracks EBCD16
2004 Previously Unreleased Digitally Remastered EBCD05
2005 Nine Digitally Remastered EBCD07
2006 Sweetmouth EP New 4 Track CD EBCD17
2007 Slap/Dash New CD EBCD18