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  Additional Pictures of Poustinia
POUSTINIA - RETREAT IN THE WILDERNESS Poustinia is a unique place in the Belizean wilderness. It provides the opportunity for both local and international artists to create a sculpture park by working in the rainforest using natural and organic materials. At the same time, it is becoming the retreat for those who are drawn to the desert of their spirit. Formerly a cattle ranch located three miles from  BENQUE VIEJO  del Carmen, a local town in the Cayo District of Belize, Poustinia Park is surrounded by the largest network of bio-reserves in Central America, covering over 5 million acres. The park extends over two hundred and seventy acres, sixty of which have been shaped into a more formal garden. The remainder is secondary forest and bush - a dense cover of pioneering shrubs and herbs. Poustinia also contains Maya mounds, ponds and trails. With its different types of habitat, it supports a wide variety of flora and fauna. Poustinia Foundation was legally established in December 1997. It seeks to establish a place where earth art can thrive. The Ruiz family, whose generosity and vision have made the project possible, are working with local artists and conservationists to create a sculpture park within an arboretum of rare and endangered hardwoods of Central and South America. A further aim is to produce a steady supply of low cost hardwood saplings and exotic plants to encourage planting projects in Belize. Artists from oversees have been invited through the foundation to visit Poustinia and experience working in a rainforest environment. Such was the case of Kjetil Berge, a Norwegian artist who produced an installation in 1997 out of concrete and plastic. Poustinia Park is exclusively open for individuals - artists, writers, and groups who may wish to conduct seminars, conferences, retreats or simply be on their own. Educational tours for groups, schools and colleges are arranged on prior notice. Residential and educational facilities include two hermit-styled cabins complete with bathroom, equipped kitchenette, dining room, and bedrooms. Rain water is available and kerosene lamps are provided. A modest, open building provides a conference area for about forty persons. The park is under the supervision of the farm guardian who is stationed on site. Poustinia hopes to employ additional staff to help run the arts and reforestation projects. Through your support you can assist in making this project self-sustainable. Why not go beyond our website and visit Poustinia where your spirit calls? For more information on visits and fees get in contact with:

David Ruiz
#43 Churchill Street
Benque Viejo del Carmen
Cayo District,
Belize, C.A.
Tel 501-9-32084
Email:  Email David Ruiz

Luis A. Ruiz
New Orchid Gardens
Cayo District,
Belize, C.A.
Tel 501-8-23532