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Airline Service to Ponce Airport

The Ponce Mersedita Airport, is served by only one passenger airline, American Eagle, and a number of charter airlines. It has been served by other airlines like Carnival and Panam. There are some charter and mayor airlines, that plan to start service to and from Ponce beggining this year 1999.

Nonstop and Connecting flights from and to Ponce:

San Juan - Ponce

12:02pm - 12:38pm American Eagle

7:40pm - 8:14pm American Eagle

Ponce - San Juan

12:58pm - 1:29pm American Eagle

8:34pm - 9:05pm American Eagle

Ponce - Miami

12:58pm - 1:29pm American Eagle / 3:20pm - 5:56pm American Airlines

Miami - Ponce

7:15am - 9:45am American Airlines / 12:02md - 12:38pm American Eagle

Ponce - New York(JFK)

12:58pm - 1:29pm American Eagle / 5:00pm - 9:04 pm American Airlines

New York (JFK) - Ponce

6:10am - 10:12am American Airlines / 12:02pm - 12:38pm American Eagle

Ponce - Newark

12:58pm - 1:29pm American Eagle / 5:20pm - 9:24pm American Airlines

Newark - Ponce

7:01am - 11:06am American Airlines / 12:02 - 12:38 American Eagle

Ponce - Orlando

12:58pm - 1:29pm American Eagle / 5:40pm - 8:26pm American Airlines

Orlando - Ponce

7:12am - 9:50am American Airlines / 12:02pm - 12:38pm American Eagle

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