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...and they build there machines to heaven

Into an age of technological adolesence, humanity stands at the doorway of self-enduced extinction. Values, morality and virtue have all been sacrificed in the name of human progress. All these souls lead astray, blinded by their own vanity? Or guided by their instinct. And in the end, thats all we are left with. It seems that in the search for any kind of meaning all we found is oppression at the hands of organized religon. The inquesition still exists, it just wears a different mask.

Today we can not find the time or energy to worship a god because we have become gods already. We have built our machines into heaven and destroyed "god" himself! After that what is left? Like so many tormented husbands we shall turn the gun on ourselves. This is the staple of a corrupt society, destroying itself from within...


this work is dedicated to the visual manifestation of this corruption.