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Geography World- An excellent all purpose Geography site with links to every subject.

History/Social Studies web site for K-12 Teachers (and Students)- One of the best all purpose links sites for all areas of history.

NM's Links to all things historic -   another excellent links page covering many topics

CIA World Factbook- Comprehensive statistical information and maps on every country in the world.

Lonely Planet Online- One of the best travel guides on the market. The information here is informal and gives you a good feel for the location.

Encyclopedia  The best encyclopedia on the Internet  Good for quick ,simple information

Homework Central-  Extensive information on any subject

Virtual reference desk-  Many good links but poorly organized

Mr. Dowling's Internet Classroom -  A world History web site for middle school but it has excellent, quick explanations and graphics of many subjects.

 Mr. Donn's Internet classroom-  Wonderful links on many subjects.

State Department Background Notes -  Good general reference info on every country in the world


  • Kitchen Cabinets Site
  • Cabinets for Your Home
  • Kitchen Design
  • Kitchen Cabinets Preview
  • Dioscoro Umali
  • Kitchen Colors
  • Victorian Kitchen
  • Greening Your Home
  • Heart Gram Kitchen
  • Kitchen Cabinets Knitting
  • School Kitchen Cabinets
  • Martina's Kitchen
  • Kenny G Cabinets
  • Paul's Cabinets
  • Kitchen Cabinet List
  • Cabinet Nexopia
  • Dig Kitchen Cabinets
  • Green Kitchen Cabinets
  • Global Cabinets
  • Kindle Kitchen


    Oz's Ancient Civ's links

    Oz's Egypt Links

    Egypt Web Quest from Benet High School

    Ancient Egypt Powerpoint presentation

    Pyramids of Giza web site

    CyberJourney To Egypt - Guardian's Egypt
    Ancient Indus Valley Tour: Slide Index
    Mr Donn's Ancient History Page
    NOVA Online/Pyramids/Hot Science: Scaling The Pyramids



    Oz's Greek Links

    Portland State Greek Civilization for middle schoolers -  Great information on all aspects of Greek life

    "We are all Greeks" - Good Greek Links under the Source materials section

    Greek Civilization Powerpoint presentation

    Greek Art and Architecture Powerpoint presentation



  • TechEnt
  • TigSource
  • Literate Machine
  • MeloDramatic
  • Pure MTGO
  • Snow Machine
  • Ibadan Culture
  • Bald and Bitter
  • IGN
  • Chequer Board
  • Hotel Chatter
  • Brazen
  • 30 Boxes
  • Vegas Chatter
  • Robot Entertainment
  • Grateful Dead
  • Wash Blog
  • M&M's
  • Admintell
  • Build with Structure
  • Laughing Wolf
  • Wes LGT
  • Health Search
  • Before I Die
  • Carolyn Butcher
  • Gary Knock
  • Infrastructure NZ
  • IRA Futura
  • Life Gift
  • Little Planetoid
  • Math Mirror
  • Royal Challengers