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Now isn't this fun

My thoughts

People say I'm odd, I just tell them "Thank you captain obvious!" I tell ya, this world has issues, I say that as if I don't.... kinda funny. No I really like this world, most people don't.... I don't really understand that. I mean I do have problems with this world, well really only one... that would be the media. I hate it! It's a group of a few multimillionaires that don't give a [Censored] what happens to anyone. They set out an image of what you have to be and if you don't fit that then your screwed. This image thing is killing people, think about it, you here all these stories about people committing suicide because they weren't excepted. This leads to the whole thing about what the media thinks you should look like. The whole idea of showing of your body for sex appeal is repulsive! If you conform to this your a sick [Censored].

Well that's the only really problem I have with this world. I love this world, it is absolutely beautiful. When people say it suck and they want to kill themselves..... I hate it! Open up your eyes! Look at the things we have here. Have you never seen a beautiful sunset? Have you never walked in the woods? Have you never stopped and looked at the shape of a falling snowflake? This world is full of amazing things. Just forget what about the ways you don't conform. Be happy with yourself and who you are. Knowing that nothing, NOTHING, can change that. Be content with yourself and the place you are. It's not really all that bad. As soon as you come to love yourself, you will love the world, and, in turn became a better person.

I want to take glass and throw it and hear it smash on the ground..... then I would say "Hey that sounds like me after the green tea and tree bark" then I would throw another one..... and watch it smash into the ground.... and I would grin...... just stand and grin

A wall, a cage, a cell, limitations on life. The door removed, the windows gone. A room void of any life. A place of nothing, nothing except for a feeling. A constant pressure. A pressure forming everything into the wall. Making it one with the wall, making everything of the same likeness. In trapped in this room is everything, thus there is nothing for it is all one. One with the wall

In a nut shell life is really hard
I mean how would you like living in a nut shell?!?!?!

Red trees never listen

Have you ever just sat down somewhere and wondered why you sat down there. I mean did the floor ask you to sit there? Was there some strange calling from above? Was there some strange urge to sit there? Maybe you where just tired...... you know.... from walking. But that makes you wonder.... why where you walking!?!?!? Why waste your energy to walk somewhere just to sit down. And if we take it one step further back, why did you drive to the place where your going to walk to go sit down. Ever wonder that? Has that ever boggled your mind? Or did it never cross it? Why have the thought anyways? Will it make your life any better to think about it? I feel as though my life was completely changed by this chain of thoughts. In fact I think I'm going to tell the world about this. That is why it is here.... on my webpage. About right now you maybe be asking yourself why you took time out of your life to read this. But picking at your brain even more is why I would spend time writing this. Seeing as how I wrote it the next step would be why I would ever think about this. Even more painful to think of is why your still reading this. Do you think that your going to be any wiser by this? Will it raise your GPA? Will it make your life complete. Probably not but hey, who knows... it might. I doubt it will though. I doubt this will make any difference at all. In fact I might go as far as to say it will never be mentioned. It will just be wasted time, wasted energy. Just another pointless thing put on the web. Just more junk out there in the land of trash. So why do I put it out here? I'll tell you why, because I can! Also I think it's funny you actually read the whole thing! Hee hee hee


Sometimes a word can mean so much, some times it can hurt even more. Some times a smile can mean 50 times as much as words to a person. Taking the time to let someone know you care. Giving a hand when there down. They mean more then you may think. A lot more.

The air of life

It all like some sort of dream where nothing goes your way. Where the flames of life sweep past you not stopping to notice you. And the air which you breath has become clouded and gray. You feel a wait pushing down on you hurting you. But it is nothing more then air. You try and see away out but you are lost, lost in the mist, the air of life.

Writtings on a peice of paper

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