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Changing the world one nap at a time

         When asked what the world is all about by my fun little brain of mine I came across an amazing revelation. It goes like this, once upon a time there was a man. This man lived on top a very large hill. This hill was appropriately named "very large hill" by the native wombats of the area. Now this old man was know only as "Waka waka billybob joe castanva" well that's a lie, some did call him frank. So anyways Frank was a friendly fellow of the nice sort, not the friendly but not so nice form.

         Every Sunday at 6:42:23 Frank would leave his house atop the very large hill and head down to the village to do his weekly shopping. Now considering the hill he had to walk down was very large, and taking in the fact that Frank is a very slow old man, it would take him a very long time to make it down the hill. As he would finally get to the town once again he would be utterly disappointed again. For you see all the shops close at 8 o'clock and always got there at 8:13. So once again he would head back up the hill and be back in bed by 11.

         One day all the wombats of the land decided to be nice to the old man and do the shopping for him. So of they went to speak to the old man. "Old man old man come out here we say" said they the wombats. "No for I am napping right now and therefore am not awake to talk to you."
"Oh well in that case we shall leave you" they said feeling bad to have interrupted he's sleep
"Thank you and please come again when someone is here to listen to you"
"We shall do that they said" and with that they left.

The End

Now you maybe asking yourself what that had to do with anything, and to tell you the truth I really don't know myself. But if I clam it's all symbolic I'm sure someone could find some meaning in it.

Why understand when your not asked to?

Or maybe not

Please try again later……… when someone is listening