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             She dances in and out, in state of staying in the mind, but it is unconsciously. Unwilling to let go of the thing that is held the closest. She's stands there staring out into my mind seeing my thoughts and feeling. Immersed in the wave of subconscious thought. Not knowing what to expect or what's coming, knowing only that there is something there, and that is enough. Eclipsed by the feeling of the honest and truth of it all. When brought up in the mind the shear thought of it is passionately strong. So it is that she dances in the mind. From sunset to sunset, and in every heavenly starry night. A deep rich dance seen only as a silhouette . 

As I look up at the skyline,

the life I should have lead.

Now coming back to save me,

from what would have not been.

A second starting over,

from the things that were left unsaid,

stopping only in the wake,

of the things that might have been.

Now going it all over,

and seeing once again,

the reason why I'm put here,

of what I must defend.

Now understand love

 in a totally different way,

makes it all worth living

 every single day.


There and back again

Run away! Run away! 

SB the book!