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Ministry Missioner and Evangelistic: "To seed, to grow and to develop" it establishes like a missioner and evangelistic alternative to develop Mission of the Church throughout the world. We believe that it is the Holy Spirit who is guiding us in this intention. We entrust that the Lord Jesus Christ is accompanying us in the Mission and that by the mercy of God Father many persons will be reached by the Gospel. This Ministry arises due to slowness of the church institution to develop the Great Commission of Our Lord Jesus Christ and to the intolerance of being able to catch new people that they have passion to proclaim Goods News of Jesus Christ in all time and place; in addition by the bureaucratic system in the preparation to new contingents for Mission. However, this Ministry tries to involve lays (adolescent, young people, women and men) with diverse gifts that the Holy Spirit has given them. In this Ministry the support of Presbyters or lay Pastors does not discard whom they want to combine a Task. On the other hand, this Ministry is not a parallel movement to Church, neither the less a division of the same one. It is a species of Group of Pact within the Church for its better development and growth. In any case it tries to renew the Church to the way of Jesus.


intention to make this Christian ministry is to fulfill the mandate that Lord Jesus Christ has to us entrusted: "Therefore, you go, and you make disciples to all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Spirit Santo; teaching to them that they keep all the things that I have commanded to you; and I am I am here with you every day, until the aim of the world. Amen" (Matthew 28:19-20).


From the reading and understanding of these words of Jesus we can summarize the affluent task in three defined areas: To seed the word of God to all person who does not know him, in all time and place. To grow in the Christian life, in a process of personal sanctity and social. Practicing the principles and values that Jesus taught. To develop the gifts and talents that the Holy Spirit grants all person who has been born again in Christ Jesus, to put them to the service of the kingdom of God and like consequence to manage to live a life in fullness and excellence. Getting to be true disciple of Jesus.


From this Vision and Mission of disciple Christian, a group of brothers and sisters we have decided to put in practice this Great Commission of Our Lord Jesus Christ, so that many people that still they do not know the Plan Salvation of God, they can know it and obtain their personal salvation, and to enjoy the promises and blessings of our God.


This Ministry to obtain this objective it will make the following ones actions:



For good development of this Project, will not exist any type of discrimination, single has to be requisite fundamental the being a person redeemed by the Lord and to be arranged to fulfill the Great Commission.


Invitation: We invited to you to be part of this Ministry and also to support with your offerings or donatives.


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Callao, February 01, 2005



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