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The Persecution of Christians in India is on the rise.

With the advent of a BJP Govt at the Center, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and RSS appears to be on a path keen on destroying religious minorities especially Christians in India.

This site tries to show the world what is happening to the Christian community in various parts of India. This is a voice for hundreds of thousands of Christians who need attention from the world outside India.  World needs to know that Christians are increasingly facing persecution not just in communist or Islamic countries but also in world's largest democracy.

Could these acts of persecution stop the spread of Gospel in India?  Christianity always spread rapidly during times of persecution.  Perhaps the finest hour for the advancement of Christianity in India has arrived.  A hostile government could actually help the advancement of Gospel in India!

Continue to pray with us that God will bring millions in India to Himself during these difficult times.  May the work of transforming India, one village at a time, continue and expand.


Copyright 1998 The Concerned Christians of India