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Michael Lim

a.k.a 850 Mike
a.k.a D-Strange


I met Mike through a friend named Heejae around 1997.  Back then I thought he was a little bit weird because I didn't know he had a hearing problem.  He is the master of misunderstanding things.  But now that I know his IQ is 140 I accept him as an equal.  Michael went to Korean school up to middle school and then moved to the U.S.  He attended university in Connecticut and now resides in Korea as a graphic designer.  One of my favorite works from Mike is my banner!  Yes, yes... I'll admit it Mike designed the cool banner for my homepage.  As seen in the picture above, Mike has a girlfriend who is a professor at a university in Korea.  She is also into computers. 

While in Korea, Mike was a professional skiier.  Bet you guys didn't know that.  However, recently I went skiing with him and he wasn't as good as I thought.  Maybe I'm just better than I think.  : )  Just kidding, Mike is pretty freakin good at skiing.  Other things that Mike's good at?  Well for one thing Mike is really good at ruining chat rooms.  He loves to talk randomly and sometimes sing lyrics to songs while others are trying to enjoy a peaceful and productive chat.  But it's okay... without people like Mike... life would be boring.  Mike usually hangs out with Heejae, Justin, Sorae, Sung Eun, and Silvia.  Heejae and and Mike are notoriously buff and they basically work out in the gym every single day.  But as we all know... nobody can beat me in armwrestling... hehe

Either way, one thing that Mike has shown me is that it is extremely easy to misinterpret/misunderstand someone unless you really open your eyes.  Everybody is special....  Mike is Special K.  But that's fine.  Well I guess I'll list this site as under construction as well.  Someday I'll finish all these freakin pages...


things that mike has made for me

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