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The Highest Mountain
by John Worman

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The Highest Mountain: One man's Vision Quest.

ISBN: 0-595-01031-8,     0-595-72513-9,    0-595-72512-0

You’ve got to read this!

Did you ever meet your soul-mate? Here’s a story about someone who thinks he did. Against the advice of family and friends, Bill Colton runs away from home to be with her, traumatizing both sets of parents, as well as almost costing him his life. Well, so much for romance, huh?!

Bill struggles! And during that struggle he finds a mentor in one of his college professors. Slowly Bill begins to unlock the cell that has imprisoned his soul since before time began. During a Vision Quest, he stands alone in Skull Valley, Arizona. Out of his tortured past, a mortal enemy has once again found him.

In keeping with motifs celebrated by authors like Richard Bach, Robert Bly and Joseph Campbell, The Highest Mountain is a dramatic and compelling story about how facing ones worst fears leads to liberation. This novel is about love, mentorship, courage and rites of passage.

Did Bill ever find his soul mate? You’ll have to read the story to find out.

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Book Reviews:

The Highest Mountain is in many ways the universal story of a young man coming of age. But beyond Bill's compelling movement from angst to a creature of light, the story teaches the reader about life even as the characters learn to live it (or do we readers already know and the story reminds us?). Woven in a rich tapestry of detail, "The Highest Mountain" builds relentlessly to the climax…a moment, I am pleased to say, that pulled tears of "Ah ha" from my eyes.

Hal Portner, Author and Educator.

Colored with romance and adversity, The Highest Mountain  is a cross cultural answer to coming of age in a society that respects neither its youth nor the wisdom of its elders. It is a compelling story about learning intimacy, intimacy with self, friends and family, even one's own spirituality. It answers the age old question: can one who is born into the modern world realize the brilliance of consciousness shared only by the world's greatest spiritual masters? This is a remarkable book with remarkable stuff.

Rev. Dr. J. Vajrayana

Impressive and beautifully lucid! Ordinary people find their extraordinariness and play out a powerful drama. This story goes beyond a simple love affair and deals with the toughest problems of all, the challenge of surmounting the mediocrity of life -- despite their social upbringing. ‘The Highest Mountain’ grapples with important issues, such as freedom, responsibility, identity and, above all, destiny. This is the extraordinary story of a man’s quest for self-identity. It will change the way you feel and think about yourself. A compelling novel; a real page-turner!

Bill O’Connell, Author

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