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Hey-I'm peeing with the door open!!!

Hey, hey, hey....this is R&R...Rosie and Ranell. We are cousins and were bored so we decided to make this Web page for you all to enjoy. I know it sounds stupid, but its the truth. Now I know you are wondering why the title of our page is "Hey-I'm peeing with the door open!", but really, its a funny story, and I, Ranell, will tell it to you:

I am a receptionist at a plumbing and heating supply company. I work in the office with very nice people. Out in the warehouse, there are some strange individuals. One of them is a 27 year old boy named Billy.(Seriously-that's his name.) Anyway, I only work until 1 in the afternoon, but 2 people from the office are on vacation, so I am working until we close at 4:30. I get really bored-you can understand that-so I go out to the warehouse and talk to Billy. He's really funny and stuff, and he's by best bud at work. He was out in the delivery truck all day taking deliveries wherever they needed to go. He got back, and went into a bathroom by the purchasing counter, near to where I was standing. He went in there and washed his hands, but then I heard something other than the water coming out of the faucet....he was peeing with the door open!!!

This is Rosie now. I have a story, too. It happened on July 4th and it was very fun. I was spending the night at my friend's house and we went to see the fireworks in Evanston and met up with some of her friends there. When they were done, I met one of her friends, Slinky, and one of his friends, Tey. They are both older than us by at least 3 years, and that alone is terrible to my mother. We went driving around Evanston for a while, until 11:00 when we were supposed to be back. Then, at 11:20, we snuck out to go to Downers Grove with the two guys. We met up with even older guys at one of their houses with no parents home. We stayed there watching a movie and playing Nintendo64 until 4:00 in the morning, when we left to go back to our houses. When my friend and I got back to her house, her dad was waiting for us. He was not thrilled, either. We got into big trouble, but I met some phat guys, so it's all good.

That's enough story time for now...see you next time with updated stories and more fun with the door open!

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