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Family :-

Mark My Mum

MUM 2004 Mum and Me 2003


My 'little' brother is only 18 months younger than me on these pictures and yet he is a whopping 6 ft 6. You can also see a picture of my Mum .


Pets :

I have currently got a Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel - She is called Poppy and she is nearly 13. For some unknown reason she seems to have had an explosion in her fur during an early stage of her life - as it is quite curly and she has a fabulous quiff on the top of her head.....which also acts as an in-built sun visor for her in the summer months.

Poppy is very friendly and clever. She generally does as she is told but she hates being left in the house on her own. Due to this fact, she tends to travel with people everywhere they go !

Check out her amazingly cute pictures below ( taken over the years ).

poppy  mum & poppy

 mum & poppy  2004 Mum & Poppy xmas 2004

Gill & Poppy

I also have a 2nd Cocker Spaniel doggie now called Jessie. She is 4 and a half and is a real cutie.

She goes along to dog training classes once a week to try and keep her on the straight and narrow. Check out her funny photo gallery below.

jessie as a real little baby jessie as a baby

 Jess on Shoulder jessie


The Westie doggie is called Saffi and she is Jessie's Pal. She is about 3 weeks older than Jessie and they are the best of friends.....Partners in Crime !!!.

partners in crime pals

me and pups 2003 ME AND THE PUPS

Here are some piccies of the Mylo - a chinchilla Persian pussie cat who had to be put down not so long ago....poor thing

Mylo Mylo Chillin'

Here is a photo of the 3 dogs. Poppy the Blue Roan Spaniel, Jessie the Orange Roan Cocker Spaniel and Saffi the little white westie.

3 Doggies