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Apollo Smile news

Apollo Smile Apollo Smile

It's just been announced! Apollo Smile is starring in her own video game for the Sega Dreamcast! I'm not sure on the specifics of the game, but I will update as soon as possible with all the info!

Check out an really cool Apollo interview and exclusive pictures of Apollo at
EON was nice enough to let us use their pictures on the site, so check them out at our pictures page! Thanks again EON!

Apollo action figure update! Yes, the figure is in the works! Specifics aren't available, but as soon as they are, I will post them up!

Check out Protoculture Addicts #59 for an interview with Apollo. I will try to get this interview up on the site.

Okay, I know I haven't added any news in ages, but that was only because I don't know where to get my news from! So, I am taking some good stories off of other sites, okay, I know that is kinda cheating (and I know it pisses people off) but here they are. -Toyfare says that the Apollo Smile figure is put on hold as Apollo and company look for a company to produce all their merchandise. -Team Smile has abandoned having their site built by others and are now doing it themselves. -Apollo's new cd Wrecking Ball won't make it out by Christmas due to delays (of some sort, don't ask me!)

Check this out, the Apollo Smile Cyber Shop is having a huge sale! You can get t-shirts for $10 and FOUR signed photos for only $20! Check it out here and get it while you can, this stuff won't be available anymore after this folks!

I'm a little late updating the news, but I wanted to tell everyone that the movie "Drop Dead Rock" is availble on DVD from Pioneer... and why should you care? WELL! Apollo Smile makes an appearance in this movie as a VJ. Now how can you miss that?

I guess the biggest thing for Apollo Smile fans is the upcoming opening of the Official Apollo Smile website, opening in October! You can check it out here: Official Apollo Smile website

Also starting with the opening with the site is Apollo Smile's new fan magazine entitled "Apollo Smile: Groove City". Plus, don't forget to join the Groove Army Fanclub once the site is up, I know I won't!!

April 28-30, 2000
Pittburgh Expomart
Monroeville, PA.

May 5-7, 2000
Camp LeJune

June 29-July2, 2000
Hyatt Regency Atlanta
Atlanta, GA.

Hey, if you want to contact Apollo Smile by mail, you can send your letters to:

Apollo Smile Fanclub Mailbox
1040 First Ave. pmb 348
New York, NY 10022

Or you can e-mail her and Team Smile here at:

Don't forget to check out the Official Apollo Smile Website at

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