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7. Who Gets to Keep Togepi -

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock are at the Pokémon Center. Ash receives a message from Professor Oak so Ash then calls Professor Oak. Professor Oak told Ash that there is an upgrade for the PokéDex that has more information on it. Professor Oak said to put the PokéDex into the slot under the phone and Ash did it. Professor Oak then upgrade the PokéDex for Ash. Ash and his friends decide to go to Cinnabar Island for Ash to battle the next gym and win a badge. Team Rocket dressed up in different close and pretended to sell rare Pokémon eggs. Brock is holding the egg that Ash found and Brock has also been taking care of it. Team Rocket stopped Ash and his friends and offered to sell them an egg. Meowth grabbed the egg and Team Rocket spills all the colorful eggs they have on the ground. Ash and Brock started to look for their egg. Team Rocket then runs away with the real egg. Meowth is now the one that takes care of the egg. A few days latter, Ash and his friends find Team Rocket. They duke it out for the egg. They dropped the egg but Pikachu caught it in time. Ash is holding the egg and it starts to hatch. Misty pushes Ash away and takes the egg. The egg hatches into Togepi and it thinks Misty is it’s mom cause Misty was the first person it sees. They then decide to have a Pokémon tournament for. Who ever wins gets the egg. Jesse and James could not be in the tournament cause they didn’t do anything for the egg. Misty didn’t do anything for the egg too but she was still able to be in the tournament. First it was Meowth vs. Brock. Meowth used himself and Brock used Onix. Meowth was attacking Onix with everything he got but it didn’t hurt Onix. Meowth then saw 2 buckets of water and took it and dumped it on Onix. Meowth then attacked Onix again and Onix lost. Next is Ash vs. Misty. Ash chose Bulbasaur and Misty chose Staryu but Psyduck came out. Ash told Bulbasaur to lick Psyduck's head and then tickle it. Psyduck was laughing too hard and so it gave up and Bulbasaur lost. The final fight is with Ash vs. Meowth. Meowth used himself and Ash used Pikachu. With one thunderbolt from Pikachu, Meowth lost. Team Rocket dragged Meowth away as he cried for the egg. Ash then tells Togepi that he is it’s new trainer. Togepi wouldn’t listen to Ash. It only wanted to be with Misty. So at the end, Misty gets Togepi. (What a drag….Ash should have been the owner. He got cheated 3 times. #1.-He found the egg but Misty gets it..#2. He was holding it when it was about to hatch but Misty took it from him. #3.-He won the tournament but Misty gets it. WHY!!!!!)