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6. So Near Yet So Farfetch’d -

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock are wondering around and they got tired so they took a break in a meadow. They started talking about how people have seen Farfetch’d in this meadow. Farfetch’d is a very rare Pokémon. Ash and Brock went to a spring to get some water and Misty stayed behind. Misty then saw a Farfetch’d and chase after it. Farfetch’d ran around a tree then Misty bumped into a guy. They both fell. They apologized to each other and the guy gave Misty her backpack. What Misty didn’t know is that he switched backpacks with her so he could steal her stuff. He then left. Ash and Brock started to look for Misty and they found her. She told them what happened. She then checked her backpack and found out that the backpack she is holding is not hers. Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock went to report the stolen backpack to Officer Jenny. She told them about a boy and his Farfetch’d that switches people’s backpacks to steal their stuff. The reason the guy steals people’s back packs is because he found his Farfetch’d and it was too weak to battle so they had to steal peoples stuff to support themselves. The guy was packing up and about to leave when he bumped into Team Rocket. He offered to give his Farfetch’d to them for free. He said he had to go get something and left a backpack and Farfetch’d there with Team Rocket. Team Rocket then being so greedy, they grabbed the backpack and Farfetch’d and jumped into the guy’s boat and flowed away. The guy knew that was going to happen cause he planned it all. He already rigged the boat with a few holes so it would sink. The boat started to sink and Team Rocket lost their Pokéballs with their Pokémon inside. They were clinging to the sinking boat and they saw Farfetch’d picking up the Pokéballs and going to the guy. They were tricked! Team Rocket later found the guy again and he said he was sorry. He said he has too many Pokémon so he is going to let them have it. He gave them a bag full of Pokéballs. Team Rocket was real happy so they took it and left in a hot air balloon. They opened all the Pokéballs and found that they all had Voltorbs inside. The Voltorbs then self-destructed blowing Team Rocket away. Ash and his friends then found the guy. This isn’t his lucky day. Misty was real mad and was going to battle him but he had her Pokémon so Ash fought him instead. He told them that his Farfetch’d was to weak to battle that’s why he did it. But Farfetch’d wanted to battle so Pikachu and Farfetch’d battled. Farfetch’d had strong powers and won. The guy apologized and Misty accepted and got her Pokémon back. The guy set out to be a Pokémon trainer.