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5. Holy Matrimony! -

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock were walking along a road when they see a poster. The poster had a picture of a missing boy. The picture looked exactly like James. This limmo stopped in behind them and the guy asked them if they know where the boy is, they said the boy in the picture looked like James and the guy pulled them inside and drove them to a big mansion. Inside the mansion they see 2 caskets. The guy said that his master, he was a butler, had just past away this morning and they left their whole estate to James, there was one condition though, James had to 24 hours to get married or the whole estate is donated to charity. Team Rocket is there and they found out what's going on. James didn't want to go in and get the money s he pretended he had amnesia and didn't remember anything about his past. So Jesse and Meowth forced James to go in the mansion and take all the money. Jesse and Meowth wore on this costume they said makes them invisible but it didn't. Jesse taped James' mouth shit and talked for him and Meowth moved James' feet. When they saw the butler, Jesse said for James that he was James and that he has come back and was going to get married like he parents wanted him too. The butler pretended he didn't see Jesse and Meowth. All of a sudden these 2 people, a man and a woman, pop out of the casket. They were James' parents. They pretended to be died to trick James into coming back and getting married to keep the family legacy going on. They showed James his future wife; a girl that looked exactly like Jesse and her name was Jezebel. Jezebel than tricked Jesse and Meowth into bringing James into a gym. There James told Jesse and Meowth why he ran away when he was a boy. He said that when he was a kid, his parents engaged him to marry Jezebel, but there was a problem. Jezebel always follow him around trying to make him into a gentlemen. He didn't like that so he ran away. Jezebel was chasing after James in the gym when Ash and his friends were out side and they opened the door to Growlithe's house. Growlithe, which was James pet when he was young, ran in and rescued James. Growlithe scared off Jezebel for the moment so James could run away again. James said his god byes to Growlithe and rejoined Jesse and Meowth.