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4. A Chansey Operation -

Pikachu was in this tree eating apples when something happened to him. Ash and his friends brought Pikachu to a human hospital because there wasn't a Pokémon Center around for miles. The Doctor there didn't know what to do but he did all he could. He found out there was something stuck in Pikachu's throat. He stuck his hand in and pulled out a whole apple. Pikachu apparently swallowed a whole apple and was choking on it. The hospital then received an emergency call. Nurse Joy told the Doctor there was a big car accident and lots of Pokémon were hurt and that the Pokémon Center where she's at is full so the Pokémon are being taken to his hospital. Team Rocket was involved with the accident and their Pokémon were hurt too. Lots of injured Pokémon arrived at his hospital. There were some Chanseys there to help the Doctor. Team Rocket showed up and was about to steal the Pokémon but the Doctor convinced Team Rocket to help him. Ash and his friends were helping too. They helped heal all the Pokémon there. Then Team Rocket betrayed the Doctor and was going to steal all the Pokémon but Chansey stopped them. Team Rocket's Pokémon wouldn't attack Chansey because Chansey helped heal them. Team Rockets plan were destroyed and they were sent flying.