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2. The Song of Jigglypuff -

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock arrive at Neon Town. Neon Town is like Los Vegas. There are lots of neon lights and casinos. Everyone at Neon Town never sleeps so they are all grumpy. Ash and his friends leave Neon Town and find their way into a forest. In the forest they see a Jigglypuff. The Jigglypuff had or soar throat or something and it couldn't sing so Ash and his friends decide to help. They get Jigglypuff this apple that can cure anything wrong with your throat. After Jigglypuff ate the apple, it could sing again. Ash and his friends asked Jigglypuff to sing for them so it did. Jigglypuff had great voice but unfortunately Jigglypuff's song puts you to sleep. When Ash and his friends fell asleep, Jigglypuff got real mad and drew all over Ash and his friend's faces with a marker. Team Rocket saw what happened so they wanted to get Jigglypuff to sing at Neon Town to put everyone to sleep so they could steal everything. Team Rocket couldn't steal Jigglypuff though. Ash and his friends decides to bring Jigglypuff to Neon Town to put everyone to sleep because the people at Neon Town needed to sleep. Their plan worked. Everyone fell asleep and got a good rest. Jigglypuff was real mad because everyone fell asleep so it drew on everyone's face with a marker. When everyone woke up, they were well rested and no longer grumpy. Jigglypuff was gone when everyone woke up so Ash and his friends just left. At the end, you see Jigglypuff running after Ash and his friends.