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The Ultimate Test

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, and Tod are eating. Misty reminds Ash that he hasn’t won a badge for a long time. Ash wants to prove he’s a good trainer so he decides to go to the Pokémon Admission Center to take a test. If he passes, he can go straight to the Pokémon League. Inside they take away his Pokémon cause he can’t use his own. Ash and his friends see the Fuchsia City Nurse Joy. She tells them that she also wants to take the test. Team Rocket is there too and they’re going to take the test too. The Exams begin. Test#1-Test your knowledge of Pokémon, this is a true of false test. Ash answers true on all of them. Jesse also answers all true. When the results come out, Ash, James, and Jesse got the lowest score. Test#2-Ability to recognize Pokémon, real hard test. While the test, Jesse gets real mad and starts yelling. She gets expelled. Test#3-Battles. Each person picks a belt with PokéBalls on it, the PokéBalls have Pokémon inside that you can’t choose. In the battle, Nurse Joy does real well. James gets Pokémon like Ash’s but he lost the battle. Ash gets Pokémon like Team Rocket and he does well at the beginning but he makes a mistake and loses. Team Rocket get real made and uses the Pokémon that they were given to attack the teacher. The Pokémon listens to the teacher though and attacks Team Rocket. Team Rocket is sent flying like usual. The test has to be taken over. Ash decides no to take the test and go win the badges form the next cities. Ash did prove he was a good trainer though.