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Pokémon Paparazzi

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock are eating rice balls when Ash sees someone in the bush watching them. Ash worried about his friends, knocks them down. Misty and Brock don’t believe him so to prove it, Ash calls out Squirtle and washes the suspect out. It was a boy named Tod. He said he was taking pictures of Pikachu cause he is the worlds greatest Pokémon Picture Taker. (What Ash and his friends don’t know is that Team Rocket tricked Tod into catching Pikachu for them. They thought Tod was the greatest Pokémon catcher so they told him to catch Pikachu for them. They were dressed like old people so Tod was going to help them out but the only problem was that he didn’t know he was to capture Pikachu but he actually was going to take Pikachu’s picture for them.) Well Tod is a great photographer because he takes pictures of Pokémon as they are and he doesn’t want the Pokémon to pose for the picture. He invites Ash and his friends to breakfast at his house. There he shows them a picture of Aerodactyl that he took at Grand Pa Canyon. Ash then shows him that the Aerodactyl was carrying him when he was there. Tod enhances the picture and does see Ash in it. So they talk around for a while and he tells them that he wants to take pictures of Pikachu. Tod is obsessed with taking the picture of Pikachu but he can’t cause Pikachu is afraid of the camera. Ash and his friends are leaving town but Tod is following them to get the pictures. Team Rocket digs a hole in the ground to capture Pikachu. Tod hides behind a bush next to the hole to get the picture. Ash and his friends walk by and they fall in. Ash and Pikachu then fall through the bottom of the hole into a sewer. They are swept away by the river there. Tod rushes down to help. He sacrifices his camera to save Ash and Pikachu cause they’re heading towards a waterfall. Team Rocket shows up during the rescue. They were going to throw a bomb at Ash but Ash took the camera and told them to pose for the picture. Team Rocket being vain stupid people pose for the picture with the bomb about to explode. The bomb does explode and it sends Team Rocket flying far away. Ash and Tod are real friends now.