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1.The Problem with Paras -

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock find their way to a small village. Team Rocket is there too. Meowth has an illness. There is a girl named Cassandra and she makes potions. She has a Paras that she wants to evolve into Parasect so she could make stronger potions but she was unable to make it evolve cause it was so weak. She gives Meowth a potion that cures him, and then Meowth fell in love with her cause she's the only person who cares for him. Meowth convinces Team Rocket to help her out. Team Rocket had a Pokémon battle with Paras in which Team Rocket's Pokémon would lose on purpose to help Paras evolve. Nothing happened. Ash and his friends meet Cassandra too and they also decide to help her. Ash got his Pokémon to a battle and lose to Paras. Charmeleon won't listen to Ash for some reason. Paras then evolves into Parasect.