36. Pikachu's Goodbye-

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock decides to take a break in a peaceful and quiet forest there in. The discover lots of Pikachus. There's a Pikachu paradise in that forest. Pikachu makes friends with the Pikachus there. One of the Pikachus fell into the river and was heading towards a waterfall but Pikachu jumps in and rescues the drowning Pikachu. Pikachu becomes the hero. Team Rocket discovers the Pikachus and tries to cath them. Ash and his friends stop Team Rocket's plan and rescues the Pikachus. Ash seeing what a wonderful place this is for Pikachus, he decides to leave his Pikachu here. Pikachu loves Ash to much so Piakchu decides to go with Ash. What a emotional episode.

37. The Battling Evee Brothers-

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock are traveling through a forest when they see an abandoned Eevee tied up in the hollow part of the tree. They see the Eevee's name tag and there's an adress on it so they decide to bring it back to the owner. They go to Stone Town where they find that the owner, a little boy named Mikey. His 3 brothers are giving him an evolution party where Mikey has to evolve his Eevee into a Jolteon or Flareon or Vaporeon. Mikey didn't want to evolve his Eevee so he hid it in the forest but Ash and his friends brought it back. The party was huge, they have all kinds of evolution stones, and a lot of food. Team Rocket shows up and steals the stones, all the Pokemon there except Psyduck, and all the food. Ash and his friends find Team Rocket. There was a battle and at the end, Eevee won the fight. Team Rocket is sent flying and everyone gets there Pokemon back. Mikey tells his brothers that he wants to be an Evee trainer so got to keep his Eevee.The brothers changed the party to a victory party for Eevee's first won battle.

38. Wake Up Snorlax-

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock are traveling along a road when they were stopped by a hippi. The hippi started to play some music with his Pokéflute in return for some food but Ash and his friends had no food. So they left. They were really hungry so when they reached town they went to get something to eat. No place had food cause there was no water. The mayor of the town invited them to his house. He had a lafrge amount of food he let Ash and his friends eat all they want. The mayor told them why there was no water because their river, which is the town's water supply, has no more water for some strange reason. Ash and his friends decided to see what's going on with the water supply. They found out the reason for the water shortage, there was a Snorlax and a lot a thorn weeds blocking the river's water from flowing. Ash and his friends try to move Snorlax but he's too heavy. Team Rocket shows up and helps. They still can't move them. They find a sign that says to wake up Snorlax, you need to play a song with a Pokéflute. They remember the hippi with the flute so they got him to wake Snorlax up. Waking Snorlaxs was his job kind of, there were lots of Snorlaxs sleeping all over the place and he had to wake them each month. When Snorlax woke up he ate all the weeds so the river was flowing again.

39. Showdown at Darkcity-

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock arrive at Darkcity. There is a war against two gyms, Yas and Kas gym, trying to become an official gym. There is a war because each city or town can only have one gym. Team Rocket has joined the Kas Gym's side. Ash and his friendsdidn't want to get involved in the war. Ash and his friends did want to stop the war cause it was destroying the city. They developed a plan to stop the war. When the two gyms were fighting Ash and his friends dumped paint on all the Kas and Yas gyn members. When Electabuzz and Scyther, Scyther is the Yas gym leader's Pokemon and Electabuzz is the Kas gym leader's Pokemon, saw the red paint they attacked everyone that had paint on them. Scyther and Electabuzz ere attacking the people cause anything red makes them real angry. At the end Nurse Joy, the Pokemon Gym Inspecter, stopped the foght. She told the two gyms if they wanted to be Official Gyms they would have to combine there gyms and learn how to be good Pokemon trainers with Ash's help. Ash tried to teach them how to be good Pokemon trainers. He also made the two gyms fix the whole city.

40. The March of the Exeggutor Squad-

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock find there way to a circus. There they met Melvin the magician. He was a very bad magician. The only Pokemon he had was Exeggcute. Ash and his friends try to help Melvin become a better magician. While they were helping him, they found out that Exeggcute had hypnotizing powers. Melvin made Exeggcute hypnotize Ash and then took Ash to a field with lots of Exeggutor, the evolved form of Exeggcute. Melvin then made Ash use his Pokemon to battle all the Exeggutor so Melvin could catch them. Team Rocket showed up and was about to take the Exeggutor from Melvin but Melvin used the Exeggutor's hypnotizing power to hypnotize Team Rocket. There was a mistake though, when he told the Exeggutor to hypnotize Team Rocket, the Exeggutors hypnotized hypnotized the other Exeggutors and Team Rocket. Now the Exeggutor are running towards the circus. They destroyed the circus when they marched through. They headed towards a dead end so they were marching back towards the circus. The circus manager, which was very angry, put a bomb in the midle of the circus so it would blow up all the Exeggutor. Ash and his friends didn't want that to happen so they tried to stop the Exeggutor. They found out that when you attack them with fire, they become unhypnotized. Ash called out Charmander. Charmander and Melvin, Melvin had a trick that his cane shoots out fire, attacked the Exeggutor with fire and they all got unhypnotized. The bomb didn't hurt no one. At the end Charmander evolves into Charmeleon. Ash and his friends said goodbye to Melvin and left.

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